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13 Instant Pot Sandwich Recipes

by Kristen

Sandwiches make a super easy dinner idea, especially when you’re on the go, any night of the week. Here are the best sandwiches you can easily make in your Instant Pot! 

Loose Meat sandwiches or shredded meat sandwiches are super easy, usually make enough for multiple meals, and are great to serve to a crowd at parties.   Here are the easiest and tastiest sandwich recipes in your Instant Pot!

Pressure Cooking is a great way to cook meat! When you pressure cook even tougher cuts of meat, your meat will turn out perfectly luscious and tender.

Sandwiches make a great main dish at any get-together, BBQ, party, or picnic- Serving Sandwiches is an easy way to feed a crowd and can be made ahead of time.

Many of these recipes will Yield enough leftovers for another meal.

Can I use a slow cooker to make these recipes?

Yes, most of these recipes can be adapted for your slow cooker. You may even want to use your slow cooker as a serving vessel if you make these for a party.

Here are the best sandwiches you can make in your pressure cooker!

Shredded Chicken Gyros

My love of Greek Cuisine inspires these shredded chicken gyros, and they are made with all of my favorite seasonings! These are so flavorful!

Ground Beef French Dip Sandwiches

This easy 30-minute French Dip sandwich recipe has delicious au jus and is made with French bread and provolone cheese. Making these sandwiches takes much less time than using a chuck roast.

Sweet Onion Teriyaki Sub Sandwich

If you like a chicken sub sandwich from Subway, make this copycat version home. You can whip this up with just a few easy ingredients.

Rootbeer BBQ Pulled Pork

You will love the flavor of this rootbeer pulled pork!

Instant Pot Pork Chop Sandwich

We love our pork chops sandwiches here in Iowa. This large-batch pork chop sandwich recipe will let you make sandwiches for multiple meals! Pork is such a lean source of protein!

Instant Pot Caesar Chicken Sandwiches 

You only need a few easy ingredients to make these flavorful and creamy Caesar sandwiches!

Pressure Cooker Sloppy Joes

Once you start making sloppy joes in the pressure cooker, you will never make them on your stovetop again!

Italian Chicken Sandwiches 

You will love these Chicago-Style Italian Sandwiches. I recommend adding giardiniera and pepperoncini peppers and make sure you serve these on baguettes with melted provolone cheese.   You will love this healthy twist on traditional Italian beef sandwiches.

Instant Pot Cuban Sandwiches

Cuban sandwiches have always been my favorite, probably because I love anything where I add picked and mustard. These easy Cuban sandwiches are always a huge hit at my house!

Stew Meat French Dip Sandwiches

This recipe will become one of your favorite French dip recipes. Just a few pantry ingredients, including Worcestershire and soy sauce, to make a delicious broth! Using stew meat saves so much time! You will love this Instant Pot French dip recipe!

Instant Pot Greek Pork Sandwiches

You will love these! These “Pork Gyros” are inspired by my Instant Pot Chicken Gyros. This pork also tastes amazing over a salad!

Turkey Avocado BLT

The turkey avocado BLT is my favorite sandwich at Panera but it is much cheaper! I have learned to cook store-bought turkey breast in my Instant Pot, so it gets super tender, similar to the turkey you find on Panera sandwiches!

Ground Beef Gyros

Every time I make these, my kids lick their plates clean! These are so flavorful and so easy to whip up in a pinch!

Did you make one of these delectable Instant Pot Sandwich recipes? I would love to hear from you and learn how you liked them!   Please comment below this blog post or tag me on social media and let me know how it turned out! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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