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10 Slow Cooker Meatloaf Recipes

Once I started making meatloaf in my slow cooker, I never went back to cooking it in the oven! Meatloaf is always a hit with my family and cooks up super moist and pretty much foolproof! I am always looking for new meatloaf recipes to make in my crockpot. Meatloaf […]


Slow Cooker French-Style Turkey Breast

We all love roasted turkey from the oven, but this slow cooker turkey recipe with a short prep time produces a big flavor!  This crockpot turkey recipe will come together in mere minutes and will turn out tender and super flavorful!  You can even use the juices from the bottom […]


Instant Pot Frozen Turkey Breast

This post may contain affiliate links  Because I am in a never-ending search and attempting to get my family to eat healthier, I have started cooking turkey breast rolls on Sunday nights and keeping turkey breast in the fridge for healthier lunches. Cooking fresh turkey is: healthier than processed lunch […]