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Minted Carrots

by Kristen

Thank-you to Sugar In The Raw® for sponsoring today’s post #intheraw.  I have been compensated for this post.  All opinions are entirely my own.   

Carrots. Such mundane food, yet some of my very favorite things to eat are made from carrots.  My favorite gingery soup is made from carrots, my favorite cake is made from carrots, and I happen to love a latte at a local coffee shop here in Cedar Falls called the “Jessica Rabbit” ( a latte made with organic carrot juice).

When Sugar In The Raw® asked me to make their minted carrot recipe for Thanksgiving, I jumped at the opportunity because I am always trying to find new ways to prepare carrots.  I love making carrots for dinner, they usually cook quickly, and my kids love them!  Of course, I always add some butter and sugar to sweeten them up a bit, and that is where Sugar In The Raw® comes in.

Sugar In The Raw® is certified non-GMO, vegan and naturally gluten-free, and is a turbinado sugar grown in the tropics.  This Thanksgiving, Sugar In The Raw® can be the finishing sparkle to your cookies, the sweetness in your after-dinner coffee and the essential ingredient in your minted carrots.

You can find Sugar In The Raw® in packets, cubes, liquid and in bulk.   For a great collection of recipes using Sugar In The Raw® visit their website.

You will find a bunch of recipes that are perfect for Thanksgiving. Some other good ones include:

Pumpkin Fritters

Roasted Butternut Squash and Goat Cheese

Sweet Potato Casserole

Mini Pecan Tarts

Pumpkin Pie Frappe

You can also find recipe ideas by visiting Sugar In The Raw® on social media.  You can find them on:




To view, the recipe for these minted carrots, find it here on the Sugar in the raw® website.

These carrots are such a pleasing dish for both kids and parents, not to mention easy to throw together with just a few ingredients.  I cannot wait to make these again!  My two-year-old son ate so many of these delicious carrots when I made them this week!


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