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Za’ater Seasoning Roasted Shrimp and Asparagus

I picked up some Za’atar Seasoning from Trader Joe’s, and I have been putting it on everything!¬† This middle eastern condiment is aromatic and tastes amazing on This sheet pan roasted Shrimp and Asparagus.¬† I made this for a quick dinner and served it over angel hair.¬† This was quick, […]


Springtime Chicken Salad

Thank-you¬†Theisen’s ¬†Home Farm Auto for sponsoring this post.¬† All opinions below are entirely my own. #springattheisens¬† After a longer than usual Iowa winter, my entire household is looking forward to warmer weather.¬† There is nothing quite like the start of spring.¬† Watching the leaf buds start¬†to appear on the trees, […]


Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt

I know that Easter is still a month away, but when I get a fun idea, I think about it until it gets done. ¬†I am very excited to hide Easter eggs for my son and his cousins this Easter. ¬†Maybe it’s a new parent thing. ¬†Last Easter, my son […]