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12 Desserts to make with Fresh Mint

by Kristen

If you have an overabundance of mint, here are ten delicious desserts you can make with the fresh mint in your garden! 

If you have ever grown fresh mint in your herb garden, you know there is always an abundance of mint.  I like adding mint to my summer spritzers and fruit and lettuce salads.   I have also started enjoying baking with mint.  Once you add fresh mint to your dessert recipes, you will want to throw that artificial peppermint extract away.   Here is a collection of delicious recipes you should try once your mint harvest grows.

During the summer, my herb garden is my pride and joy.  I love adding fresh mint to my iced tea, spritzers, and fruit.  Did you know that there are a variety of baked goods that taste amazing with mint? I started baking with mint a few years ago and never bought mint extract from the store again.

Tips for baking with fresh Mint

Although mint tastes strong, it can be overpowered by other flavors if you don’t use it enough.  To extract the flavor out of the mint. Consider these tips when baking with mint.

1. Infuse it- If you have a liquid ingredient such as water or milk, consider infusing mint into it before adding it to the dessert.  Mint tea, for example, will be more potent within the dessert.

2. Cream the Mint in with Butter or Oil- When baking cakes or cookies, cream the chopped mint with butter or oil.  This will help infuse the mint into the recipe.

3. Consider Pureeing the mint- If you’re baking a cookie or a cake, mix the ingredients into a food processor to puree it.  This will help the dessert absorb the mint flavor.

  1. Fresh Mint Chocolate Cookies 

These fresh mint cookies are similar to thin mints.  This easy cookie recipe is made all in one bowl.  You will love the real mint in these cookies!

2. Copycat Homemade Andes Mints 

Your friends will love what you used fresh herbs in these copycat homemade Andes mints.  You do not need special chocolate molds for these and the instructions are super easy!  You can also use this recipe to make truffles.

3. Fresh Mint Ice Cream 

Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite kind of ice cream to have during the summertime.  Your family will be forever grateful to you when they see this in your freezer!  You can use either milk or dark chocolate chips in this recipe.

4. Fresh Peach Tart 

This fresh peach tart tastes amazing with fresh mint flavor!  This is one of my favorite mint recipes!

5. Mint Dirt Cups

Mint cookies on top of mint brownies make up these dirt cups.  You can still add gummy worms for the kids, and the mint leaves would make this an adorable dessert to make for spring bridal showers.

6. Mint Blended Coffee

This Fresh. Mint Blended Coffee will keep you out of the drive-thru coffee line.  All you need to do is mix everything in a mixer and pour it into a glass to enjoy on a hot day.

7. Fresh Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies 

These. Mint cookies taste like a fudgy brownie.  These chewy chocolate cookies have white chocolate chips.  You will love these mint chocolate chip cookies.

8. Fresh Mint White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Baking these fresh mint white chocolate chip cookies with brown sugar makes them super chewy!  These cookies are reminiscent of the white chocolate cookies from Subway but better!

9. Mojito Sorbet

This Mojito Sorbet features hints of lime and, of course, mint!  What a delicious way to feature the mint from your herb garden!

10. Fresh Mint Fruit Salad 

Mint tastes amazing with this fruit salad!  This fruit salad has hints of lemon and fruit flavor! and you can add a little white sugar to top it off!

Although I prefer using mint straight from my garden, you can preserve your fresh mint in a few ways.

Freeze Mint- You can freeze mint by pureeing fresh mint leaves with butter or coconut oil and storing the puree in ice cube trays.

Dry Mint- You can dry mint by simply handing mint in bunches.  Dehydrating mint in your food dehydrator is also a great option.

If you make any of these desserts, I would love to hear how they worked out for you!   Please comment below or tag me on social media.  You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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