12 delicious snacks to make in your dehydrator

Creating delicious snacks in your dehydrator can be a fun way to create recipes with your kids!  Many fruits and vegetables dehydrate into delicious snacks that your whole family will enjoy, including toddlers.  It is also a great way to snack while avoiding pre-packaged foods.  Many dehydrated snacks will store well in airtight containers and travel great for road trips, camping adventures, and hiking.  I purchased my dehydrator several years ago, and I still like to get it out every so often to try something new.   Here is a list of snacks made in a dehydrator that you have to try! 

Several years ago, I purchased a dehydrator after seeing so many fun homemade snacks online!¬† You don’t need to get a fancy one to make some tasty treats for your family.¬† Mine is just a basic one.¬† When I was growing up, my younger brother got into making homemade beef jerky, but it wasn’t until years later when I found out there are many different snacks one can make in the dehydrator.¬† ¬†Making dehydrated snacks with your kids is a great way to get them involved in the kitchen.

A dehydrator is easy to operate.  All you need to do is stack as many plastic racks as you will need on top of the dehydrator.  Place the food on, and let it go!   I like to rotate the stacks of food every few hours.  If you are dehydrating something that might stick, I like to use cooking spray on the racks.

Here are 12 easy snacks to try if you’ve just gotten a dehydrator.

You can click the link or the photo to be directed to the recipe. 

  1. Kiwi Chips

2. Dehydrator Marshmallows

Dehydrator Eggplant Bacon 

4. Dehydrated Watermelon Candy

5. Dehydrated Strawberries 

6. Caramel Apple Chips 

7. Kale Chips 

8.  Zucchini Chips 

9. Beef Jerkey

10. Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups 

11.  Dyhrated Pears. 

12. Dehydrated Popcorn Sprinkle 




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