Healthy Watermelon Taffy


One Morning last year, I hopped on to  and impulsively bought a food dehydrator.

And once in a while, I will pull it out and experiment by attempting to dehydrate different things. Like Zucchini and Kiwis, just to name a few.  I have no idea why, but I have been itching to dehydrate some watermelon slices for a few weeks now.  ( guess I am strange like that).

Instead of a fruit leather snack This dehydrated watermelon turned out sugary, like candy.  With a Taffy like texture. WOW this was REALLY tasty.  My two-year old giggled at me as he ate it.  Giggled like he does when he thinks he is getting away with something.  🙂


Healthy Watermelon Takes almost no prep work!  I am not even going to write out a formal recipe, because that would be silly.  You simply cut watermelon slices 1 inch by 1/2 inch thick and stick them in your food dehydrator for about 14 hours.     I only wish I would have made more.


few slices because this was an experiment.   I was not sure how dehydrated watermelon would turn out.  I could see this as a fun healthy snack while on the go. AND I suppose you could even cut them up to they would LOOK like fruit snacks

I don’t know why society adds so much sugar to all the foods we eat when there are so many wonderful fruits and vegetables that are naturally sweet.  Don’t get me wrong this natural taffy is REALLY sugary.  But it was grown that way.




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