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My older son turned 3 last week.  I can’t EVEN believe it!   And of course, my husband had to point out.  ” His childhood is 1/6 over”.   THAT is something I DON’T WANT to THINK ABOUT!   But seriously, he is becoming such a caring, observant and smart little person.  I could just sit and listen to him talk for HOURS.

Last weekend, I held a Birthday party for him at my parents house in Chicago ( Most of our family lives there).  We had a “Truck” themed party, because like most three-year old boys, he LOVES trucks! Planning a Menu is always a little tricky in my family, because a good part of us are ” Gluten-Free”.  Plus, we had a few folks who eat vegan attend the party as well.

I wanted to make sure we had enough tasty options for the gluten-free folks, while still pleasing everyone.

I was super excited when Nature Box asked me to serve a few of their snacks at my son’s party.  I have always wanted to try Nature Box, and I knew they would provide some tasty options for the party “Spread”.  Never heard of Nature Box?  They sell monthly “subscription boxes” of healthy snacks and ship them right to your home.   I hopped on their website and chose some gluten-free snacks to serve at E’s party.

One awesome fact about Nature Box is that ALL of their products contain wholesome ingredients.   Nature Box products contain no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, zero grams trans fats, and no high fructose corn syrup. You can learn more about their Product Promise here.

A feature on Nature Box’s website I really liked, was a feature that allowed me to filter out options.  So, for example, if I was looking for “Gluten-Free” and ” Soy-Free” snacks, I could filter out everything that contained gluten and soy.   This feature lets you filter out as many dietary restrictions as you want.   SUPER COOL.  Sure beats sitting in the grocery store for hours, reading hundreds of food labels.  Nature Box has 100+ snacks for every type of dietary need.  Check out Nature Box’s snack catalog. nature5 nature1 When I added these snacks to my party spread, I left all the food in its original packaging.  This way, the folks who have dietary restrictions can look to see what they’re eating.

During my son’s party,  EVERYONE ( gluten-free, vegan or not) stopped and tried the snacks. I am certain everyone thought these snacks were delicious!

The items I chose were  Watermelon Fruit Chews,   Cranberry-Almond Bites ,   Sriracha Roasted Cashews,  Baked Sweet Potato Sticks, and Dark Cocoa  Nom Noms

They were all Fantastic.  But, I think the Siriracha Roasted Cashews stood out the most to everyone.

Nature Box is now offering a free trial.  For more information, click here! * Free trial is available for new and US subscribers only. Not valid on gift subscriptions and may not be combined with any other offers

nature7 Nature Box Snacks were an added bonus to my son’s truck party,  Check out the rest of the menu!


It is easier than you think to serve a Gluten-Free menu to a crowd.   Although you will want to stay away from large trays of Pasta, you still have many other options.

* Chili Bar

* Baked Potato Bar ( Potatoes are Gluten-Free..duh)

* Hamburgers and Grilled Chicken ( gluten-free people can eat hamburgers, just not the bun)

* Taco Bar I chose to make a taco bar for my son’s birthday party.  Who doesn’t LOVE tacos?  In addition to gluten-free corn tortillas ( ALL corn tortillas are gluten-free) , I also put flour tortillas out on the “spread” for those who are not gluten-free.

nature14 Gluten Free Friendly Taco Bar 

Crock Pot of taco meat

* Corn Tortillas and Flour Tortillas  ( to please everyone)

* Salad

* Chips and Guacamole

* Salsa

* Tex Mex Rice

* Taco Toppings

( I also served Sweet Potato and Black Bean tacos for the vegans during this party as well) nature12

I must say, this food was a HUGE HIT with the crowd!  ( We had around 25 people attend)  At the end of the lunch, we had hardly any food left. nature10

Wasn’t E’s cake adorable?   He LOVED it!    Okay, so this is how we handled the cake.  The Bottom of the cake is a chocolate carrot, zucchini cake.  The crumbled cake on top was made of gluten-free brownies.  We served ice cream AND sorbet with the cake, AND served some vegan Cookies from whole foods.

I didn’t make the entire cake gluten-free because my son does not have any dietary restrictions, and I wanted him to have a basic kids birthday cake.     nature3 Going to and picking out snacks was super fun, easy and the food was delicious!  Just ask anyone who attended my son’s party!

Don’t forget to check out the Free Trial that Nature Box is currently offering.  The free trial box will contain one full-sized bag and four single sized pouches of snacks!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



  1. The food sure does look good. Thanks for sharing these ideas…love the crock pot of taco meat!

  2. That food looks awesome. The sweet potato/black bean sound different but good! Looks like you all had a great time. I love Nature Box.

  3. I love Nature Box products. And thanks for the gluten free food ideas. I am going to try to cut back some of our gluten and this made me think its totally doable.


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