DIY Brunch Gift Box

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I know we’re a few months from and after Christmas, but I know that mothers day/fathers day and graduation will be coming up in the coming months and I wanted to share this gift idea for you.

About two years ago, I started getting rid of lots of stuff in our home and stopped replacing those items with more stuff.  I love living a life without clutter; It gives me more time to do what I love.  I am realizing more and more, that my friends and family are doing the same.   This can make gift giving tricky because most of the people on my list have everything they need already.   So anyhow, a few years ago I decided that consumables make the best gifts for many of the adults on my gift- giving list.

On my husband’s side of the family, beer, wine or goodies from Trader Joe’s often make it under the Christmas tree.  My kids always get a box of sugar cereal from Santa. ( a kind I would never buy them).  Also, around Christmas time, I am always looking online at different subscription boxes for friends and family, but it seems a little ridiculous to spend $50.00 on a box of snacks when you can go to the store and get some.

My oldest friend, Alexis lives in Alaska and happens to be vegan.  She is someone who appreciates consumable gifts.  Like me, she likes to keep “stuff” down to a minimum.  In 2017, I sent her these avocados for Christmas.  Did you know that produce can be expensive up there?

This year, I was online trying to find a Harry and David gift to send her, when I realized that the only vegan option was four pears for $50.00, or I could head out and make her something more cute and personalized.  On Christmas, it’s just usually her and her husband so I thought it would be cute to send them a Christmas morning breakfast with lots of vegan treats!

I included

Hazelnut spread 

Hot chocolate mix


Pancake Mix 

Cloth Napkins

Maple Syrup 

My favorite Green Ginger Tea– I have been obsessed with this tea for a few years now.

I thought this turned out cute.   I might never order one of those subscription boxes again.   I feel like they are overpriced and I love the idea of being able to personalize a fun box like this.   Who doesn’t enjoy breakfast?


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