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Dorothy Lynch Glazed Bacon Stuffed Dates

by Kristen

This post is sponsored by Dorothy Lynch.  All opinions are entirely my own. 

I met my husband over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in 2005.  So with 13 Valentine’s Days under our belt, our Valentine’s celebrations are much less “commercial” and more about making time for ourselves and relaxing with an appetizer and maybe a drink after the kids go to bed.

My husband grew up in Iowa, so I know two ways to his heart and those include bacon and Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing & Condiment, both Midwest classics.

I had Dorothy Lynch for the first time during my very first visit to my mother and father-in-law’s house.  And I thought it tasted so good! After that, Dorothy Lynch quickly became the dip for my pizza crust, the topping to my hamburgers, the dressing on my salad and now it is the glaze on my favorite appetizer.  In addition to using Dorothy Lynch all the time, I also introduced it to my family members who live in Chicago! You better believe that I am always expected to have some Dorothy Lynch in tow when I visit them!

There are so many ways to use Dorothy Lynch.  You will find some drool-worthy recipes on their website!  You can also find delicious-looking recipe ideas if you visit them on social media.  Dorothy Lynch is on Facebook and Twitter.

Dorothy Lynch is a gluten-free tomato-based dressing and condiment with the perfect blend of sweetness and spices.  It originated in Nebraska and is a favorite of many that I know. Dorothy Lynch is available at many Midwestern grocers, including Hy-Vee, Walmart, and you can also purchase it online.

Dorothy Lynch added the perfect touch to these bacon wrapped dates.  Bacon wrapped dates are a favorite appetizer in our home. What’s not to love?  Smoky crispy bacon, sweet, chewy dates, and glazing these babies with Dorothy Lynch gave it that something extra.

I stuffed my dates with cream cheese, but you can also try stuffing your dates with goat cheese or even bleu cheese!  This recipe comes together quickly, and my whole family loves it, including my two-year-old.


Dorothy Lynch Bacon Wrapped Dates



15 Medjool dates pitted

2 ounces cream cheese

5 strips of bacon

¼ cup Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing & Condiment


Preheat oven to 350 degrees f

Cut a slit down the center of each Medjool date.  Remove the pit.

Wrap each slice of bacon around each date and secure the bacon with a toothpick.

With a pastry brush, glaze a generous amount of Dorothy Lynch Home Style Dressing & Condiment onto each date.

Arrange the dates on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 15-17 minutes.

Remove from oven and serve!


This easy appetizer is a great thing to whip up on Valentine’s Day or any night that you want to have a date night in.  If you love Dorothy Lynch as I do, then you should really check out all of the fantastic-looking recipes on their website, they all look so good!

You can get Dorothy Lynch at Hy-Vee and Walmart.  Or you can always purchase it online.


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