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20 Banana Ice Cream Flavors

by Kristen

Banana Ice Cream or also referred to as ” Nice Cream.”  is made by blending frozen bananas in your blender or food processor with a few other ingredients and creating a smooth, sweet soft serve with no added sugar since the only ingredient is bananas.  Banana ice cream is vegan, gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free unless you add other ingredients to your recipe.  Bananas are an inexpensive ingredient to keep on hand, and I feel excellent making banana ice cream for my kids whenever they want- because they love it, and it is much healthier than other snack options.  Here is a guide on making banana ice cream and 20 flavors you should try!

Banana nice cream is truly the perfect dessert; it has a perfectly smooth texture,  is naturally sweet, and tastes just like ice cream.  There are two approaches to making banana ice cream.  You can make a “soft serve” version in a blender, or you can blend the ice cream together and freeze it in the freezer overnight.  for more of a churned consistency.  Banana ice cream is such an amazing treat and has a soft-serve consistency.  You will be hooked after one scoop!

Basic Ingredients for Banana Ice Cream


The only ingredient required in banana ice cream is bananas.  You don’t have to add anything else if you don’t want to.  I recommend you freeze yellow bananas.  Green bananas taste too earthy, and if your bananas are too ripe, your ice cream will turn out too sweet and less fluffy.

Vanilla Extract

I always add some pure vanilla extract to my banana ice cream.   Vanilla elevates your ice cream to make it taste more like a dessert and less like bananas.


I prefer my banana ice cream to have a “soft serve” consistency.  I like to add milk to make the ice cream blend in my Vitamix with ease.  You can use almond milk, coconut milk,  or oat milk if you want to keep your nice cream vegan.

Adding additional ingredients to your banana ice cream and playing around with the flavors is fun! Here are 20 flavor ideas to try!

Sweetener of Choice

Sweetener of choice-  I personally don’t add additional sweeteners, but if you need to, maple syrup or honey tastes great!

Adding additional ingredients to your banana ice cream and playing around with the flavors is fun!  Here are 20 flavor ideas to try!

20 Banana Nice Cream Recipes

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

You can add cocoa powder or cacao powder and peanut butter to your banana ice cream to make this delicious dessert!

Strawberry Cheesecake Banana Ice Cream 

You will be surprised what ingredient makes this banana ice cream taste like cheesecake!

Cherry Chocolate Chip 

You will love the way the chocolate chips and cherries taste in this ice cream!

Matcha Banana Ice Cream

Simply adding matcha powder makes a delicious dessert!

Coffee “Frappe” Banana Ice Cream 

Don’t shy away from adding coffee to your banana ice cream!  It is excellent!  You can add Medjool dates and a little sea salt for a salted caramel frappe flavor.

Mint Oreo Banana Ice Cream

You can use mint leaves from your garden for this recipe, or you can use peppermint extract.

Banana Milkshake 

You won’t believe that this delicious dessert is made with just frozen banana slices and milk.

Banana Frozen Yogurt

Yogurt has many health benefits!  I love the idea of this banana frozen yogurt!

Mango Banana Ice Cream 

Mangos are naturally creamy, similar to bananas.  Making banana/mango ice cream works well!

Raspberry Banana Ice Cream

The tartness of the raspberries tastes delicious with this sweet, creamy banana nice cream!

Oreo Banana Ice Cream “Blizzard”

Adding a few Oreos to banana ice cream is much better than getting a blizzard.  Oreos are vegan, so this is still a great option for those who are dairy-free.

Blueberry Banana Ice Cream 

This blueberry ice cream is so good!  Also, try this exact recipe with blackberries! Adding blueberries and vanilla makes the perfect bowl of banana ice cream!

Pina Colada Banana Ice Cream

This pina colada is the perfect treat to enjoy while out by the pool!

Key Lime Pie Banana Ice Cream 

This key lime pie banana ice cream reminds me of the key lime pie at Publix.  You will be surprised at how this gets its green color!

Rocky Road Banana Ice Cream

Adding cocoa powder, marshmallows and peanuts makes this a delicious treat!

Almond Joy Banana Ice Cream 

This banana ice cream tastes just like an almond joy candy bar!  All you need is bananas, almond bits, dark chocolate, and coconut!

Lemon Banana Ice Cream 

Adding citrus to banana ice cream makes it taste bright and tangy.  This reminds me of lemon gelato.

Apple Pie Banana Ice Cream

skip the caramel apples and enjoy this guilt-free apple pie treat!

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream 

All you need to do is add cocoa powder to this banana ice cream to get your chocolate fix!

Pineapple Banana Ice Cream 

This pineapple banana ice cream reminds me of Disney’s pineapple dole whip!

How to Freeze Bananas

1. Peel Bananas.

2. You can either cut your bananas into slices and place them in a freezer bag or smash the bananas in a freezer bag or another airtight container.


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