Vanilla-Banana Milkshake


One night last week, my husband was out-of-town and I needed something sweet.  I had dealt with a screaming infant for a few hours and needed to unwind with a sweet treat.  I had no ” junk” in the house to eat.  I made this Vanilla/ Banana Milkshake.  It was AH-mazing!

If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably heard of  ” Banana Swirl”.  Especially if you have kids who watch Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood.  When you blend frozen bananas, it pretty much turns into something similar to Ice cream.  You can add chocolate, berries, Mangos, Peaches, Pineapple, peanut butter or Whatever you like for different flavors to this Banana Swirl.  It’s amazing.

I have been using bananas in healthy desserts a lot since becoming a mom.  I have made Mango-Banana Whip , Sugar-Free Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies, and a Greek Yogurt Banana Split.  

Bananas are sweet, creamy and healthy.  Bananas really do make a great healthy dessert.


I have started freezing banana slices when our bananas start to ripen.  Banana Swirl is a fun dessert we eat in our house often……But…..I felt like it needed some sprucing up.  Here are some issues I needed to tackle to make our banana Swirl better.

1.  Frozen Bananas, straight out of the freezer,  are very hard to blend.  You really have to constantly stir the mixture before bananas will ACTUALLY turn into the banana swirl.  Adding some milk really helps this process.

2. Adding extra flavor to the bananas really does make it more ” dessert-like”.

The best way to freeze bananas is to peel them, cut them into slices and put them in a freezer bag.  You can take them out, already sliced.


Vanilla Banana Milkshake 

Ingredients: 2 Frozen Bananas, Chopped.   1 Cup of Milk. 2 teaspoons of Vanilla. 

Put all the ingredients in a blender and Blend until Smooth.   That’s it!


This was SOOO Good, that I had to make it again for my husband today during nap time.  He agreed, this was a wonderful and satisfying healthy treat.  I think I need to come up with a few more versions.  But I really do like Vanilla.


What would you add to your Banana swirl Milkshake?




  1. This sounds awesome. I can’t eat bananas anymore because I can’t seem to digest them correctly, but my kids would go nuts for these.

  2. This milkshake looks delicious and I love the fact that it is made with no sugar and with no ice cream.

  3. I make these for my Hubs except he has me add peanut butter to his. For me, I do bananas and strawberries. So good!!

  4. I don’t always like the taste of bananas but love vanilla. This seems like a good way to get a sweet treat and get some fruit in my diet.

  5. Bananas are a delicious dessert!! And this looks really tasty!

  6. I actually buy bananas just to let them ripen to freeze for desserts, shakes, other recipes. We like them in different things but never eat them plain. I love that it keeps them from going bad too. Your recipe is one I have not tried so I will have to attempt it. I make many shakes with the frozen bananas.

  7. That sounds like a really delicious milk shake. I love bananas and always add them to my raw smoothies

  8. I’m going to pre-slice them like you said from now on. I usually throw them in there with peel intact, but it’s a pain in the butt to get the peel off when they’re frozen!

  9. I keep meaning to try making desserts with frozen bananas. I too started baking alot with bananas after having kids.

  10. Okay, this is such an amazing recipe! I’d love to make it sometime.

  11. Wowzers–that looks good. Thanks for sharing. Going to try this one!

  12. My eight year old is a smoothie fanatic. He would absolutely love these. And they seem pretty simple to make!

  13. I love this review because it contains yummy vanilla bean! I also love bananas too so this will be on my must- try recipe list!

  14. The only time I eat bananas is when they are in smoothies or in banana bread. This milkshake actually looks very delicious- and healthy!

  15. My wife freezes old bananas all the time so they don’t go to waste (with the intention of using them in a shake). Our freezer is full of bananas…

  16. I would add some peanut butter to it! OR maybe some strawberry! Oh yummy!!

  17. I love this! We often make dessert treats made from bananas. I have recently cut out dairy and use vanilla almond milk for something similar. great pics!

  18. Healthy yet delicious, this sounds like my kind of drink! I had no clue about “Banana Swirl” until I read this. My entire family would enjoy it.

  19. How yummy I am always looking for great shakes that taste good but don’t break the calorie bank.

  20. I will definitely try this! So easy to do! I never thought of adding vanilla to a milkshake!

  21. That sounds yummy! You could do lots of variations on this, too! How neat!

  22. I’ve got a load of bananas that need using up – I might just have to turn them into a milkshake – thank you so much for the idea 🙂 x

  23. I’m going to have to try this. I love bananas.

  24. Yum, looks really good! I can’t wait to try this. I love anything that has banana in it.

  25. Who would have thought it would be so easy? I can’t wait to try it. I was just looking for something I could do with bananas that are getting too ripe. In fact, I just made banana bread the other day because I couldn’t think of anything else. I am going to start freezing bananas!

  26. I love desserts made with frozen bananas! I hadn’t thought to make one with vanilla, I usually use peanut butter. This looks good.

  27. Very delicious and healthy sounding. I need to make more shakes, especially if they are this easy. I would add a little strawberry or maybe some peanut butter. But I would like it just like you made it too.

  28. This is a recipe I can use! I would make this for my toddler…with maybe some strawberries? Yum!

  29. I love healthy treats like this! I would add some cocoa powder to make it chocolate or some almond butter. You can’t really make a bad choice!

  30. This sounds so good! I can’t tolerate dairy, but I would love to try this with some vanilla flavored almond milk!

  31. That milkshake looks amazing. I love bananas!

  32. Very interesting. I’d love to try this one as a breakfast replacement next time. Seems a good try.

  33. Love that it’s so easy to make. My Mom loves bananas and chocolate, so I’d probably add chocolate for her.

  34. Our bananas don’t quite last long enough for them to start getting over ripened in our house. This recipe looks and sounds yummy and the kids including hubby would love it. May have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

  35. This sounds so delicious. I will definitely be trying this. I love bananas and to make it into a milkshake makes it even better.

  36. Very good idea to slice the bananas before freezing them! I love banana shake but I usually always put ice cream heheh Will have to test your recipe to see if it is good!

  37. I love bananas! This looks like such an easy and delicious banana shake recipe!

  38. I ordered this in a restaurant a while back, but didn’t really know it was this easy to do! Thanks for the recipe!

  39. I like the idea of making your own healthy snack. My son loves bananas so adding this recipe to my collection.

  40. This looks very similar to lassi, a drink made from fresh fruit in India. I’m working on eating healthier and this looks very appetizing. I’m not a big fan of milk but I need the calcium so I put a lot of flavors into my milk when I drink it. This sugar free option fits right into my quest for a healthier lifestyle and should be a great alternative to chocolate.

  41. My mom always used to make us “banana shakes.” (30+ years ago) She stuck a banana and a glass of milk, per person, in a blender, and sometimes we also had cocoa powder, and/or peanut butter, and/or a spoonful of honey. I don’t think we ever had vanilla though, what a tasty idea =)

    She used to mash the bananas and stick them into quart freezer boxes to freeze for whenever. We’d get crates of old bananas from the store, that wouldn’t sell anymore, for real cheap, and put them all in the freezer. She must’ve taken them out of the freezer ahead of time though. I was thinking, maybe mashed banana ice cubes, for smaller amounts that would blend easily. Haven’t actually tried it though.

  42. is that vanilla extract?

    • Yes. Vanilla Extract. Although since writing this post, I have discovered ground vanilla, that would be good too 🙂

  43. This is soooo good! I had it this morning and today I’ll be adding different things (ex:Oreos, chocolate, peanut butter) so far I have only tried it+ chocolate and it was really good

    • I am sooo happy that you like it! Check out my ” 13 ways to make Banana Ice Cream” post at the top of the blog. It will give you some more ideas. I love adding lemon.


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