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Banana-Mango Frozen Whip

by Kristen


OMG it is SOOO Hot outside!  I am feeling blessed that we have air conditioning, because I know not everyone does.  My son and I have hidden out in the house during the afternoons.  AND ITS STILL SO HOT!

Now, we don’t spend ALL day inside.  We usually try to get out to do something in the morning before the heat really kicks in.  Then around 4:30 or so we will try to get another outdoor activity in.  You know, when it starts to cool ( a little)

Anyway, I have pretty much lost my appetite for cooked foods and have lived on spritzers, salad and fruit!  I have also been snacking on cold smoothies. and Decided to hop on the bandwagon and try this Banana based ice cream craze that has gone around!

If you are a frequent ” Pinterester”  ( not a word I know).  Then you might have heard of this ice cream that you can make with only Bananas and nothing else! I have tried this. And its good.  However, the Bananas do need a little something else to make it seem like real ice cream.  I decided to add Mangos to make this a fun summer treat!


I did not expect this Banana Mango Frozen whip to turn out soooo good!  This was so easy and, it literally turned out just like soft serve!  This kind of reminded me of that ” Dole Whip” they have at Disney world!

Also, I can’t believe how EASY this is!  No ice cream maker is required!  Just a blender or a food processor!


Banana-Mango Frozen Whip 

1)  Cut up 2 frozen bananas  and 1 mango at room temperature . 

2) Blend them together in a Blender or Food processor until smooth.  You might have to stir  the mixture a bit wit a wooden spoon as you are blending.

And that is it!



I couldn’t believe how perfect the consistency was!  I prefer soft serve over frozen ice cream.


This was a prefect afternoon treat for my 21 month old son and I on a HOT HOT summer day!





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