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Healthy Key-Lime- Pie Ice Cream

by Kristen


In blogger world, we always attempt to post recipes a few weeks before each season or holiday.  This way, when people are ” out there” looking for ideas, we hope they will read our posts.  🙂

Well, because I have cooked sweet potato recipes and winter comfort food since the beginning of August, I am sick of it already!   I don’t think I can buy one more squash or look at another Christmas cookie!   ( Isn’t that sad?  two weeks before Christmas, and I don’t even want a Christmas cookie?)

So anyway, it’s not even Christmas yet, and I am already sitting here thinking about ways I am going to eat healthier in the New Year before I even move onto all these holiday parties!

If you are a loyal reader of this blog, you know that I am a little obsessed with making desserts in my blender.  particularly banana based ice cream desserts in my blender.  Well I have one for you, and it’s quite outstanding!


You will want two completely frozen bananas for this recipe.   I smashed two bananas into this freezer bag.  You can just bend the bag a little in order remove the bananas from the freezer bag once they are frozen.


You will want to put all of the ingredient in your blender, like you are going to make a smoothie.   But in order to make ” Ice Cream” don’t add the milk

Healthy Key Lime Pie Blender Ice Cream 

Inspired by This recipe 


2 frozen bananas

1 cup of packed spinach

1/3 cup of Greek Yogurt

1 tablespoon vanilla extract

The zest from one lime

The juice from that same lime

Procedure: Mix all of the ingredients in your blender.  until you get a smooth ice cream like texture.  You may have to turn the blender on and off a few times and stir the ingredients a bit.  


I cannot tell you enough how great this was!  And I know this is healthy ice cream.  But you pretty much have to add a little whipped cream and graham crackers on top:)

My 3 year old came down from his nap and saw another green ice cream and said he didn’t want any.  I told him ” It’s green because its lime”.

He, of course, then ate the whole thing 🙂


I think I have my new favorite dessert!



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nicole goff August 27, 2020 - 2:22 pm

I’m wondering about the freezing of the bananas. I seen in the banana ice cream page that you put them in the bag and mash them. So when they are in the freezer and you take them out to put them in the blender do you just break it into pieces or let it thaw? I guess I was just a little confused about that


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