DIY Coffee Brewing Bags


I REALLY love coffee. ¬†Actually, I would go as far to say that most of the time I RELY on coffee. ¬†I don’t need to drink coffee all day. ¬†I just need that 1 small cup of coffee to get me going. ¬†It does not even need to be caffeinated. ¬†Although usually it is. ¬†I love waking up about 45 minutes before I know my son wakes up, I like to go downstairs where it is quiet and drink a small cup of coffee before the chaos of my day starts.

I also tend to love coffee in the afternoon.  When I am trying to survive a crazy day I often warm up another 1/2 cup of coffee to refocus on everything I need to do.  ( On a REALLY crazy day, I might end up in the Starbucks drive through)

Most of my immediate family and my husband’s immediate family shares my love ( need) for coffee. ¬†But I have several good friends that don’t drink coffee at ALL. ¬†AT ALL! ¬†These people don’t even own a coffee pot!

A DIY Coffee Brewing Bag is a great thing to bring with you to places that might not have coffee. And they are easy to make!



Perhaps you have seen on Pinterest, that you can make tea bags with coffee filters. ¬†I took this idea to fit MY lifestyle. ¬†Wouldn’t it be a good idea to brew coffee in a DIY tea bag?

Before out homes all had fancy brewing systems people had a much simpler way of brewing coffee.  Using a coffee brewing bag works quite well.

The best part about this is, that ” Coffee Snobs” Can brew the coffee of their choice wherever they happen to be!



Folding a ” Coffee brewing Bag” is easy. ¬†You can use a coffee filter or you can also use cheese cloth. ¬†Your brewing bag can be secured by sewing a few stitches with simple white string OR by using a staple.


Brew your coffee bag as long as you wish.  You may have to experiment with yours a few times before you get it just the way you want it!



This is also a great idea to make these in place of those expensive one cup brewing systems.  Just think of how many kinds of these you can make if you get creative enough!



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