Wonton Wrapper Berry Pies


Well Folks! I FINALLY feel like summer is here!    Although I didn’t really feel like we even had a spring the weather in Northern Iowa is BEAUTIFUL! and I am finally in the summer spirit!

My brother is getting married next weekend! THEN we get to celebrate the 4th of July!  I want cookout foods, long walks outside, cold drinks and berry pie.  Oh do I love pie!

I really never knew good pie crust until about 2005 when my husband brought me home to meet his family for the first time.  See I am from Chicago, and my husband is from Iowa.  I never realized that many families in Iowa really take family pie crust recipes seriously!  And the should!  My mother in law’s pie crust is to DIE for!

Perfectly wonderful fattening pie crust should only be eaten on special occasions though.  If you love homemade pie filling like to do, and you want a guilt free version of pie.  Try making pies using wonton wrappers as the crust!  This way, you can continue on with all the other wonderful BBQ foods of summer and not feel ( as ) bad!


I usually find Wonton wrappers in the organic department of my local Hy -vee store.   I know grocery stores are all different though.  Wonton wrappers are 26 calories each. I used 2 for each pie.  Not bad for a great pie treat!

Other recipes where I have used egg roll wrapper/ wonton wrappers are my Egg roll wrapper calzones.  



When I make pie filling, I like to use a minimal amount of sugar.  I chose to make raspberry pies.  I usually but whatever berry is on sale.  I heated them up in a pan and added a little bit of corn starch.  I love it when raspberries are tart!



Preparing a wonton wrapper pie is easy.

1) Place a teaspoon or so of pie filling on a wonton wrapper.

2) Place another wonton wrapper on top of the filling.

3) secure the edges of each pie with a fork

4) using a pastry brush, brush some egg wash over easy pie.

5) Bake your wonton wrapper pies in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Then you get this beautiful mini pie!



They kind of look like little ravioli. Don’t you think?



I sprinkled just a dash of sugar on top of these pies.  I wanted them to look pretty:)


What a great ” Light” way  to satisfy a summer craving!  I think I need to make these again to celebrate the 4th of July!




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