Homemade Detective Kit!


My Nephew is going to be 5, he is a very imaginative, creative boy. I thought I would make him an extra special birthday present.  I purchased a few items online and made this simple and easy detective kit for him!  It didn’t take too long to decorate this kit to make it extra special for him!

Here are some of the items that went into the detective kit. 

click on each link, and you will see exactly the product I used in this kit.  If you have amazon prime, you can just order these, and you won’t even have to search for them at the store! 

1) Top secret envelopes, where I put obscure clues to help him when he plays imagination.
2) Specimen Swabs– to help gather evidence.
4) A fingerprinting kit, using index cards and a stamp pad
6) Mini plastic bags for” evidence”
9) A journal and a kids pen  ( I also thought this spy pen was super cool)
I also added some instructions so he would know how to use all these items!
Here are some close ups of all the items that are included in the kit









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