Brewed and Puffy Painted with Love!

My Valentines Day Beer Labels are now on sale on Etsy.     I have created a PDF file available for download up through Valentines Day!  

Let us are realistic here. Valentine’s day is a women’s holiday ( and I am not saying we don’t deserve to get flowers and chocolates)  But let’s not pretend that our guys will want chocolate, flowers or a stuffed teddy bear.
 My husband Greg is not a big drinker, but he does like to open an excellent Pale ale or amber ale every so often.
 I have decided I am going to purchase a six-pack of unique beers for him and put these labels on them for Valentine’s day.  ( Please don’t judge by the Miller light in the pictures. I found these in the garage. Used just for photos only!. I do plan on getting him some higher quality beer)
Here is how I made these
1) Cut pieces of Card stock into an appropriate size for labels.
2) Made up some clever beer slogans and printed them out also on card stock.
3) Decorated each name with Puffy Paint, stickers and craft foam
Just as a side note. If you are not well acquainted with Puffy Paint, then I HIGHLY recommend you introduce yourself.  Puffy Paint can put the finishing touch needed to ANY, and I mean ANY craft! ( If you keep reading my blog then you will know what I mean.)
When I was a Girl Scout leader, I was told by one of my girls that I changed her life because I introduced her to Puffy Paint! Now that’s something!
Here is a close up of each beer label.
( My husband does not need a beer to be happy. But I think it is funny)
( used for a Honey Weiss)
Well, I hope you enjoy these! I am sure, My Hubby will.




  1. This is such a brilliant idea – and easy too! I'm always racking my brain for good gift ideas for my husband – I'm sure these would go down a treat! Thanks 🙂

  2. You have some great outside the box ideas. Love everyone of them. My hubby will be getting this for Valentine's. I'm your newest follower, hope you'll come by and follow back.

  3. Teehee… This is just to much! I love your creative idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a creative idea! I'm definitely doing this. Can you share how you fastened the craft foam in the bottles? Did you glue them down or did you just make a sleeve?

  5. Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  6. great sayings!! I will have to make some for my hubby now!

  7. This is such a great idea! I found your blog via One Pretty Thing and I'm so glad I did! :o) I might do this for my hubs for Valentine's Day, he'll love it!


  8. I glued the craft foam together in the back using my hot glue gun. Ah the trusty hot glue gun. The best $3.97 I ever spent!

  9. adorable, my hubby would love this. Will have to try.

  10. Please keep these original ideas flowing! I love the bottle labels!

  11. these are great! I hope you'll link up to my linky party this week and share!
    classycolumbusdesigns dot blogspot dot com!

  12. Wonderful idea and whitty sayings on the bottles. What a great gift for your man.

    I would be flattered if you would check out my blog. I'm new to blogging and would love some feedback. Thanks so much for your inspiration.

  13. Truly Brilliant!!!

  14. This is a great idea. How clever are you? Visiting from Just Something I whipped Up Blog Party.

  15. What a great idea for any man for Vday!! I love this!!

  16. This is a fabulous idea!!! Love, love, love!! Will definitely be swiping this one! Thanks for the comment on my Superman pie! I'd easily swap you a pie for a set of these!! Great job and you've got yourself a new follower!

  17. I LOVE this!!! I wasn't sure what I was going to do for hubby for Valentine's Day, but I'm soooo using the! Thanks for the idea!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  18. this is such an awesome idea. i came across it the other day from one pretty thing and meant to say something then.

  19. Wanted to let you know I gave you a shout-out in my post where I copied these! Great job and thanks for the idea!

  20. I wanted to let you know that I ended up making these for my fiance, and he loved it!! What a great gift!! I blogged about it too if you want to check it out!!

  21. What a great idea. Hubby is a beginner home brewer and I am totally looking forward to designing the labels 🙂

  22. I love this idea so much! My husband is a big beer fan, so this might just be the perfect gift this year. I shared a link to this project on my DIY Valentine's Day Ideas post. 🙂

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