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Magical Whole 30 Mustard Sauce

by Kristen

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I love dipping my food in condiments.  So when I was on whole 30 program in June, I was worried that the lack of condiments would be a huge challenge.  It seems that almost every condiment has either sugar or dairy, which are not approved on whole 30.   I was lucky when I found whole 30 approved ketchup at a local health food store, and I also really love yellow mustard

Mayonnaise is also approved on whole 30.  I really love mayonnaise, but I definitely didn’t want over-mayonnaise my whole 30 journey :).  I started brainstorming for a good whole 30 condiment that I would be able to dip food in, as well as use for a salad dressing.   I started thinking of a homemade salad dressing I love, Dijon Vinegarette and based this whole 30 mustard sauce on that.

There are plenty of ” sweet” things that can help you with sugar cravings while on whole 30.  fruit, raisins with no added sugar or unsweetened coconut products.   I think one food that is overlooked in the whole 30 program is vinegar.  Many kinds of vinegar are tangy and have a bit of sweetness to them.  Instead of using mashed up dates or making a sauce with a complicated process I created a mustard sauce with tangy vinegar that is easy to throw together.  My husband and I both loved this as our dipping sauce whole on whole 30.  This sauce is so delicious and can be used in a large variety of dishes.

This sauce is so easy, that I didn’t make it ahead- although you can.  I just whipped it up right before eating it.   This sauce is only three ingredients.   I love this sauce with




As a salad dressing

in potato salad

Roasted vegetables

I can honestly say that no longer miss honey mustard or maple mustard anymore.

Magical Whole 30 Mustard Sauce


  • 4 tablespoons brown mustard
  • 1 tablespoon mayonnaise
  • 4 tablespoons red wine vinegar


  1. In a small dish, mix all of the ingredients and mix until there are no lumps in your sauce.  Serve! 

I use This brown mustard, whole 30 compliant mayonnaise and my favorite red wine vinegar in this sauce!


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