Two-Ingredient Cheese Spread

2 Ingredient Cheese Spread

So.  I have kind of already posted this recipe.   Last year I taught you how to make DIY Handi-snacks.    I made this two-ingredient cheese spread as a part of that.

I just felt like I needed to reiterate how easy this cheese spread is.   Just two ingredients in a mixer for 5 minutes.    This is more of a method than a recipe.   You can use your favorite shredded cheese.  AND you can add your own flavors.

Sun Dried Tomatoes


Bacon Bits


Marinated Artichokes

Those would all taste really good in this cheese spread.

Next time you need a quick appetizer to make for party, just spend 5 minutes whipping this up with shredded cheese.  Totally easy, and who doesn’t like cheese spread?


Two- Ingredient Cheese Spread 


2 cups of shredded cheese

1/4 cup of half & half  or milk.   The reason why I use half and half instead of milk- because most half and half is ultra pasteurized.  If you are planning on having this cheese spread in your fridge for a few days, I would suggest using it over milk.   

Method:  Put the cheese and the half and half in a mixer.   Mix until the shredded cheese turns into a cheese spread.   If you are adding those flavors, add those as well.   If you are planning on adding other flavors to your cheese spread, than I would use a mixer and not a food processor.  You don’t want to pulverize the other ingredients.   It might color your spread into a weird color.

twoingredient cheese spread

Super easy and super delicious!

two Ingredeint Cheese

Two-Ingredient Cheese Spread



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