Healthy Mint Dirt Cup- And summer picnics with my kids


During the summer, I love preparing picnics for my boys. I love packing their little picnic basket and watching them eat all the fun “surprises” I put in it. ( I know that one day, I will hate packing lunches. But right now, I enjoy it).

I loved making this fresh mint dirt cup for my boys. It was so funny watching them look at it, deciding whether or not to eat it. ( I tell both of them all the time not to eat dirt).

I thought this tasted amazing. I made this dirt cup mint and added mint leaves from my herb garden. I also added some mint leaves on top so it would look like an herb garden.

This is such a fun treat for any summer outdoor party!


Healthy Mint Dirt Cups

This recipe has two main components: the cookies and the pudding.

Healthy Mint Cookies – Follow my Healthy Fresh Mint Chocolate Cookies Recipe.

Healthy Mint Pudding-
1 1/2 cups of milk- your milk of choice
Six tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa
Five mint leaves
Three tablespoons of honey

Method: In your food processor, mix cocoa and mint until mixed well. Add milk and honey. And mix. Pour the mixture into a dish and let it set in the fridge overnight.

Assemble each dirt cup by placing pudding at the bottom of each bowl and crumbling my Healthy Mint Cookies on top. Add a gummy work and a mint leaf as a garnish.

This is such a fun outdoor dessert idea. I will be making this again.






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