Autumn Apple Spice Iced Tea



Forget pumpkin.  I have been on an apple kick this fall.  I have been adding apple cider to all kinds of recipes, and this Apple Spice Iced Tea is no exception.

My husband and I both love drinking Lipton iced tea. ¬†I love how iced tea is refreshing, but isn’t overly sweet. We love drinking iced tea during¬†lunch and dinnertime. ¬† I made this last Friday for both of us to enjoy during suppertime. ¬†We had it along with our¬†sloppy joes, salad, and apple slices.¬†

This twist on a classic Lipton iced tea was delicious, and perfect for fall.   It was an excellent way for Greg and me to celebrate the start of our fall weekend with our kids while they ate all of those leftover apple slices as we ate our dinner.


Before we had our kids,  a Friday night meal might involve going out.   Now, we are happy just laughing around the table with our boys.

This classic iced tea has a little bit of apple cider in it- and is infused with apples.   This drink was perfect for us on warm, sunny weekend days.  I loved picking out the iced tea filled apples at the bottom of the glass with my straw.


I have teamed up with Lipton Iced Tea and the Food Network to bring you fun ways to enjoy iced tea at mealtime. ¬†Not only is this Apple Spice Iced tea just delicious to drink with your fall fare, but check out Food Network’s Website, for more fun meal ideas that pair wonderfully with Lipton Iced tea.


Apple Spice Iced Tea 


4 cups of water

2 Lipton Iced Tea Bags

3/4 cup of Apple Cider

6 cups of ice cubes

One chopped Granny Smith Apple

One chopped Honey Crisp Apple

Method: Pour 4 cups of boiling water into a heatproof pitcher, steep two iced tea bags in the water and let steep for 3-4 minutes.   Add Apple Cider and ice cubes and chill in the fridge.   Cut up one Granny Smith apple and one Honey Crisp Apple.   Place the apples in your iced tea glasses before serving.




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