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Instant Pot Chimichurri Pork Carnitas

This post may contain affiliate links.¬† Adding Chimichurri Sauce to Pork Carnitas makes for a flavorful switch up to one of my favorite meals!¬† This dish cooks in your Instant Pot, a pressure cooker, quickly and turns out crispy and juicy!¬† A delicious make-ahead dish!¬† In this melting pot of […]


Whole 30 Potato Salad

This post contains affiliate links¬† Last June, when I started my Whole 30 journey, I wasn’t planning enough to realize that I would still be finishing up Whole 30 when the 4th of July hit.¬† So you can imagine my disappointment inside when my mom told me that we would […]


Pressure Cooker Hot Beef Sundaes

This post may contain affiliate links.¬† If you want to make a “midwest” meal for someone, there are several options.¬† Meatloaf and mashed potatoes, any casserole, taco pizza ( really Dorito pizza), any jello fluff recipe, or any recipe at all involving ranch dressing would be great ways to welcome […]


Magical Whole 30 Mustard Sauce

This post may contain affiliate links¬† I love dipping my food in condiments.¬† So when I was on whole 30 program in June, I was worried that the lack of condiments would be a huge challenge.¬† It seems that almost every condiment has either sugar or dairy, which are not […]


Whole 30 Eggplant “Hold the Parmesan”

This post may contain affiliate links¬† Eggplant parmesan is the one dish that I order at Italian restaurants. Every time.¬† My love for Eggplant parmesan runs deep.¬† As I will eat eggplant parmesan without parmesan, without sauce, like a pizza, and eating breaded eggplant slices straight out of the fridge, […]


Whole 30 Bacon Lettuce Tomato Chicken Salad

This post may contain affiliate links¬† Hello from whole 30,¬† day sixteen!¬† One of my favorite parts about the Whole 30 program, is planning and looking forward to trying new recipes.¬† ¬†I am at the point where I am not super hungry between meals because I am getting enough protein, […]


Almond Thai Basil Egg Roll in a Bowl

this post may contain affiliate links¬† I am just finishing up day 11 of the whole 30 program.¬† ¬† It has been going pretty well, easier than I thought.¬† ¬†I am impressed at myself for making it this far, but I must admit that I have eaten a lot of […]


Instant Pot Whole 30 Beef Vegetable Stew

Now that I am all moved into my new home, and my new town, I decided to try a take at whole 30.¬† I got the idea after I saw a bunch of whole 30 posts on Instagram, seeing beautiful and delicious plates of vegetables.¬† And I was like ” […]


Green Apple and Raspberry Spinach Salad and Pizza

Today’s post is sponsored by Papa John’s.¬† All opinions are entirely my own.¬† Welp! Our family has big changes on the horizon!¬† I officially have a preschool graduate!¬† I will have a second grader, come Friday.¬† And, we are enjoying our last few days as residents of Cedar Falls, Iowa.¬† […]


Pepperoni Pizza Loaded Broccoli

I am going to piggyback from my recipe I posted a few weeks ago for loaded broccoli.¬† ¬†You see, when your children express their love for broccoli, you will forever be on the hunt for more broccoli implementation.¬† I have been on a broccoli rampage lately, and surely you didn’t […]


Loaded Roasted Broccoli

This post may contain affiliate links¬† Check out my entire collection of Broccoli Salad Recipes! Broccoli is becoming a good friend.¬† You see, I have been trying to eat healthier this season, and it turns out that a bag of steamed broccoli is filling and makes for a beautiful lunch.¬† […]


After school car snack station

  I have a few ” mom confessions” for you today. 1) The back of my minivan is like the wild west.¬† Like, I don’t know everything or anything that is back there.¬† I almost don’t even want to know. 2) I shamelessly pay my kids to pick up wrappers […]