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Gift Ideas for Older Adults

by Kristen

Finding a useful gift idea for seniors during the holidays can be challenging.  Your grandma or grandpa may tell you they don’t need or want anything. There are plenty of ways to make older family members in your life feel special on their birthday or during the Christmas Season, and plenty of practical gift ideas they will find useful.  Here is a list of the best gifts for the older adult in your life!

Great Gift Ideas for Elderly Family Members

Brain games

Crossword puzzle book

Large Print Sudoku

Jigsaw puzzle 

Adult Coloring Books or regular coloring books

Stationery and Stamps 

Memory Journal

Table Games they can play with grandchildren

Penny game 


Ticket to Ride 

Gift Cards

Movie Gift Card 

Massage gift card

Grocery store or restaurant gift card

Audible or Nexflix Subscription

Comfort Gifts


Warm Socks 

Hand Warmers 

Heated Mattress Pad

bubble bath or shower gel

Bath Bombs

Gardening Gifts

Ceramic Pots

Gardening Gloves have the kids decorate a pair  


Flower of the month club

Electronics and Devices

Amazon Echo or Alexa

Alarm Clock

White Noise Machine

Roomba Vaccum

Digital photo frames

Light Therapy Lamp

Sound Machine


Food Gifts

Homemade Brunch Box

Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Fruit Gift Basket

Mug with Hot chocolate or tea

Movie gift basket– A movie gift basket would make a great gift for anyone this winter.  Include a streaming service subscription, a throw blanket, popcorn, and movie treats. You can buy a pre-made one or make your own.

Sentimental gifts

homemade crafts by kids

Framed photo

Recordable book from grandkids

Grandparent talk game

Photo book

I hope you found some great Christmas gift ideas for your elderly family.  Did you get your grandparents or elderly parents one of these gift ideas?  I would love to hear how they like them!  Please comment below this blog post or tag me on social media and let me know how gift-giving went for you!  You can find me on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.



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