Elf on the Shelf -Mini Sugar Cookies

Elf on the Shelf Cookies

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When I had already decided that I was going to make mini Elf on the Shelf Christmas cookies, I had planned that they would take a while to make. And because these cookies are so tiny, and took hardly any time to bake, I finished these- frosting and all in about 20 minutes.  ( about the same amount of time that it took me to round up some toys in the basement last night for an Elf on the Shelf scene.)

ElfCookies 0

I am a firm believer that all Christmas cookies should be tiny.  This way, you get to try all of the different kinds.  I couldn’t find a teeny-Elf sized cookie cutter, so I used a frosting tip, plus a straw to push each cookie out.

Elfon theshelf minicookeis


To make these tiny sugar cookies- follow the instructions on the package but you will want to bake them in the oven for just 5 minutes.   They are so small, that’s all the time it takes!   Plus, they are so tiny, that they cool in just about 5 minutes as well.


Christmas Cookie decorating doesn’t have to be complicated.  I used pre-made white frosting and some sprinkles.  You could always have your elf leave out decorating supplies for the kids to decorate their mini cookies.

And if you are leaving out Mini Sugar Cookies out with your Elf, he needs to have a teeny glass of milk too!  ( I wouldn’t advise leaving milk out all night.  You might want to wake up a few minutes early to pour the milk.)  I had to dig in the back of my cabinets for an old shot glass.

elfcookies 100

I know that sometimes Elf on the Shelf can be a little annoying for parents.   For us,  these cold winter days in Iowa- can get monotonous.  I love how much excitement our elf ” Cherry” brings to my kids.

Plus, you will have cookies in 20 minutes.

Elf On the Shelf Cookies 01