Red Box movie gift set

My nephew Adam turned 6 last week.  Last year I made him a Homemade detective kit. that went over big
 How do I give him a gift that might compare?
I chose to make him a Red Box Gift Set!
I thought it would be fun for Adam to be able to pick out some movies to watch.
1) I made up these felt movie tickets by “googling” movie ticket and copied the design. I just cut out the movie tickets freehand.  I used black puff paint and drew on the felt to make the movie tickets.
2) On the back of each ticket I wrote down the ” code” for Adam to use to get his free Red box movie.
3) I found a shoebox and filled it with goodies that you might find when you go to the movies.
I chose 5 kinds of movie candy, since there are 5 children in Adams family.
4) I wrote out instructions and taped it to the bottomof the box lid
5) I covered the shoebox with red wrapping paper, and wrote ” Adam’s Red box”
This was a very easy gift to make!
An afterthought:  having a “Red box” themed birthday party would be a cute idea.






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