Gift Ideas for Adults during Quarantine

Woah.  2020 has been quite a year.   Everything has looked different this year.  School is different, socializing is different, work is different, sports are different, and our holidays will look different this year.   Is your family still getting together for the upcoming holidays?  We’re going to spend Thanksgiving with just the five of us this year. We’re planning on having our kids ” go virtual” with their school for the weeks leading up to Christmas,  so we will be able to celebrate Christmas with additional family members.

Gift-giving this year is different too.  A gift that I would have considered useful a few years ago may not be useful anymore.  My parents and in-laws are home most of the time.  Plus, most of the other folks on our gift-giving list are spending most of their free time at home too.  Here are some things that will make great gifts for your loved ones during this challenging year.

Although I believe that “things” don’t bring cheer like experiences and spending time with friends,  Here is my Quarantine holiday gift guide for 2020.

Gift Ideas for Adults who are in Quarantine

An outdoor heater– Both my parents and my in-laws have been socializing with friends while outside.  Now that we are heading into the winter months, this socializing type will be a challenge.  I love the idea of having an outdoor heater, so folks can still sit outside and see each other and still be safe.   An outdoor heater would make a great gift for folks who will miss their friends during these cold months.

Hand Warmers, hats, and gloves are useful for people who still want to walk, cross country ski, or snowshoe during the winter.  It is amazing what getting outside does for mental health.

Restaurant gift cards- Not only do local restaurants need our support right now, but a restaurant gift card would also bring joy to your loved ones who are stuck at home.

House Plants– This year, because we will be spending so much time indoors with our kids, we purchased some house plants.  House plants can make an indoor space much more comfortable and enjoyable to be in.


Kindle– Back in March, when our libraries closed, a kindle was the first thing I bought.  I love to read, and I didn’t know what I would do without my local library.  I have my kindle linked up to my local library through an app called overdrive, where I can check out books for free.  A kindle unlimited subscription would also be a great add on for the person on your list who loves to read.   Instead of following our 24-hour news cycle at night, reading books has been good for my overall mental health.

Movie gift basket– A movie gift basket would make a great gift for anyone this winter.  Include a streaming service subscription, a throw blanket, popcorn, and movie treats. You can buy a pre-made one or make your own.

Jigsaw puzzles– My entire family has enjoyed jigsaw puzzles this year.  I find them to be relaxing. I think they are a great gift for anyone who will be at home this winter.

Here is a jigsaw puzzle that will last you a while:)

Brunch Box– I made this fun brunch box for my good friend a few Christmas’s ago.  If you’re going to be spending holidays away from loved ones, this brunch box is a cute gift to send.   You could even enjoy brunch together on Christmas morning over a zoom call.

Yoga Mat or a Fitness Step– With most gyms closed throughout the country, people have had to get creative when exercising.  There are so many great free fitness videos on Youtube and other streaming services.  A Yoga Mat or a Fitness Step would be a great gift for anyone you know who likes to exercise at home.


Board games- For those stuck inside, it is a great idea to have something besides being on screens.  My family has had family game nights, and we have been having so much fun with it!  Board games will make great gifts this year.   I would be mindful of choosing games that are appropriate for how many people live in each house.  For example,  games that are fun for two people for a couple who might be in quarantining together.

Knitting suppliesIf you know someone who likes to knit, consider getting some high-quality yarn, or other craft supplies, our loved ones will enjoy.  You can find some really nice knitting gifts on Etsy. 

Painting supplies or Paint by numberPainting can bring a great deal of comfort to people.  A nice set of acrylic paints and a few canvases might make a great gift for the creative folks on your list.  You can also buy paint by number for those who might not have painted before.  You can also direct the recipient to some online painting tutorials.

Streaming Service Subscription- Picking up the tab for HBO Max, Amazon, Showtime, Netflix, or Hulu would be useful to those folks who are stuck inside, especially retired folks.

Grandparent Interview Book– Wouldn’t it be so sweet for grandparents to fill out a book about themselves for their grandkids?  Why not right now?  I love the idea of gifting grandparents an interview book that they can give back to their grandkids to keep.  They have some charming Grandparent Interview Books on Etsy. 

Lap desk or Lamp- With so many folks working from home, why not try to make their workspace more comfortable?  A new lap desk or a lamp for their home office would make a great Christmas gift.

There ya have it, folks.  Let’s hope next year’s gift guide will be all about celebrating with friends in person.



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