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Recipes to Make with Trader Joe’s Seasoning Blends

by Kristen

Whenever I visit home in Chicago, I always see Trader Joe and pick up several bottles of all my favorite spices!  Trader Joe’s seasoning blends have a cult following and happen to be my favorite consumable gifts to gift to my friends and family who like to cook!  

Everything Bagel Salmon 

Everything bagel seasoning blend is my favorite seasoning blend from Trader Joe’s.  These days, I can usually find this seasoning blend at any local grocery store.  Bagel seasoning is made with onion powder, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, and other spices.  This Everything Bagel Salmon tastes exactly like  Everything Bagel, Cream Cheese, and Lox.

Za’atar Baked Shrimp and Asparagus 

Za’atar seasoning is my new favorite seasoning from TJ’s.  It is filled with Mediterranean flavors like marjoram, cumin, sumac, and toasted sesame seeds.  I find myself putting this seasoning in Everything!  This Za’atar baked shrimp is such a treat!

Cuban Rice Bowls

Cuban style citrusy garlic is so flavorful and tastes fantastic on burrito bowls.  I tried making Cuban-style chicken.  A little goes a long way when you use this seasoning!  You will find citrusy flavors and oregano in this spice blend.  I highly recommend that you add lime juice too!

Everything but the Elote Chicken Rice Bowls 

This Everything but the elite seasoning blend will make this chicken rice bowl taste wow!  You can get creative with these bowls.  Add mangos, chili pepper, red pepper, red bell pepper, limes, corn, tomatoes, or cilantro.

Everything Bagel Chicken Thighs 

These keto Everything but the bagel Chicken Thighs will satisfy both adults and kids alike!  After you try, this Everything bagel seasoning will become a staple in your home!

Everything Bagel Egg Bites 

We all know that Everything Bagel tastes amazing on avocado toast, but these Everything bagel egg bites taste fantastic with sea salt!

Coffee Barbecue Pulled Pork 

Greatest Grilled Chicken 

Trader Joe’s seasoning salute is the best chicken seasoning out there.  Seasoning salute blend of onion, black pepper, celery seed, cayenne pepper, parsley, basil, marjoram, bay leaf, oregano, thyme, savory, rosemary, cumin, mustard, coriander, garlic, carrot, orange peel, tomato, lemon juice, and lemon oil.  You MUST try this chicken recipe.  I would consider adding parmesan cheese on top!

Chili-Lime Fajitas 

We keep Trader Joe’s chile lime seasoning blend on our table when eating southwestern cuisine.  This lime chipotle powder and chile pepper blend are outstanding!  Click through to check out these chili-lime fajitas.

Everything But the Elote Creamy Corn 

Umami Frittata

Trader Joe’s Unami seasoning is a mushroom seasoning that not only tastes amazing on popcorn but elevates this breakfast frittata.

Ground Beef Gyros using Za’atar seasoning

These ground beef gyros are unreal!  The Za’atar seasoning will take this recipe to the next level.


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