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Coffee Barbecue Rub Pulled Pork

by Kristen

Trader Joe’s seasonings are becoming my favorite seasonings to cook with.  Last summer, I made pulled pork in my electric pressure cooker using the Coffee Barbecue Rub, and the flavor turned out to be unreal.  The last time I visited a Trader Joe’s, I picked up several bottles of this seasoning, and now I never make pulled pork without it! 

The pulled pork was the very first meal I ever made in my Instant Pot when I got one, about 5 years ago now.  I love pressure cooking pulled pork because it really enhances the natural flavor of the meat.  I have played around with different pulled pork recipes over the years.   Here are a few tips I have figured out on making the best Instant Pot pulled pork.

  1. Always add a sauteed onion to your pulled pork.  I like to saute an onion using the saute function of the machine before pressure cooking the pork.
  2. Always sear the pork before pressure cooking it.
  3. I always cook my pulled pork for 90 minutes.  This may seem longer than necessary.  It is longer than necessary.  However, when you cook it for this long, the pork will melt apart with the touch of pork when it is all down cooking.
  4. Cook your pulled pork in a barbecue rub!  My husband has been gifted many barbecue rubs over the years, and most of them taste great with pulled pork in the instant pot.   However, the Coffee Barbecue Rub from Trader Joe’s has become a family favorite.  In my opinion, this is the secret ingredient for the best-pulled pork.

If you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s, you can still get their seasonings!  I actually don’t live near a Trader Joe’s either.

  1. You can find many Trader Joe’s spices available on Amazon.
  2. You can find many Trader Joe’s spices for sale on eBay.
  3. You can stock up when you’re visiting Trader Joe’s as I do.

This recipe is super easy!  All you need is:

An Instant Pot

1 pork tenderloin roast

1 onion

olive oil

brown sugar

1/4 cup of Trader Joe’s Coffee Barbecue Rub

This pork is delicious!  You can make all kinds of meals with it!  Check out my meal ideas using pulled pork.


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 small onion sliced
  • 1 2-3 pound pork tenderloin roast
  • 1/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup Trader Joe's Coffee Barbecue Rub
  • 1 cup water


  1. Set your pressure cooker to the saute setting.

  2. Add olive oil and onions to the inner pot. Saute onions until soft.

  3. split pork tenderloin roast in half. Place the pork into the pot and lightly sear on each side.

  4. Add brown sugar and pork run onto the pork. Add water.

  5. Place and secure lid on the pressure cooker. Press Cancel to end the saute function.

  6. Rotate the pressure release valve to "sealing" and pressure cook for 90 minutes.

  7. You can let the pressure release naturally or quick-release pressure.

  8. shred pork with a fork and let it marinate in the juices.

  9. Serve or store in the juices in the fridge.




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