My favorite things to buy at Aldi

Disclaimer:  Nobody is paying me to write this.  I want to share a few of my favorite products, and I will be featuring other grocery stores soon.  

UPDATE: I have had an overwhelming response from readers on this post.  I have added a few more of my favorite items since I originally wrote it.   I am trying new things- thanks for your feedback!

Let me tell you something.  Five years ago, you would not have found me in an Aldi store.  The quarter thing freaked me out, and I just assumed that Aldi carried generic brands that were not good.  I don’t know if Aldi has changed over the years, or if I didn’t see how many healthy items they carried.

Don’t get me wrong. I like certain brand-name foods that I go to other stores.   But I do get a lot of generic things at Aldi- and it is inexpensive.  I get a lot of really great healthy food items for my family at Aldi- and these items are healthy, and they are also delicious.  I can’t tell the difference between a banana that is ten cents and a banana that is a dollar.  Can you?

Here are a few of my favorite products that I pretty much buy at Aldi- all the time.

1)  This. Gluten-Free Brownie Mix. – And no.  Nobody in my family is gluten-free.  This is just the best brownie mix there is.  I bought this- because I had gluten-free relatives visiting, and I wanted to serve a dessert.  These brownies are the best.  I doctor them up and bring them to people’s homes and pass them off as my own, all the time.  ( I am so bad!)  Seriously though, these are amazing!

2) Eggs-  Everyone in my family loves eggs!  My kids devour, both hard-boiled eggs and scrambled eggs all the time.  They are healthy, and I feel great serving them!  When I see eggs at Aldi for as low as .49 cents, you better believe that eggs will be added to that week’s menu.

3) This Tropical Fruit Cocktail – There is nothing cheap or mushy about this tropical fruit cocktail.  This is filled with delicious pieces of mango, papaya, and pineapple.  I love serving this with lunch or just for a snack.  It is nice to get some variety sometimes, and this fruit cocktail is a family favorite.

4) Salad Kits-  I LOVE salad kits!  But at other stores, they can cost $4.00 or $5.00 each!  Aldi doesn’t have a huge variety of salad kits. ( actually, I see the same two a lot.  The Caesar salad kit and the one pictured below).  But they are both delicious and under  $3.00 each.   These work well for when I am too lazy to make a salad- plus, my kids will eat both the Caesar Salad Kit and this one too.

5) Avocados and Berries- I lump these together because- these are items I used to pass on – when I was in my twenties- because they were just too damn expensive!   But during the summer- I see both berries and avocados at Aldi at excellent prices.   I am talking under $2.00 for a container of blueberries or raspberries, and I have witnessed avocados for .50 cents each or even as low as .25 cents each! My three-year-old loves berries so much!  Now I don’t have ration them out to him.

6) These Butter Croissants- I guess there is nothing healthy about these- but they are right.  I love getting them when people are visiting from out- of -town, and I will serve them with breakfast.   My kids love to eat them for snacks- with jam.   I also sometimes serve them with a salad- for a quick dinner.

7) Sweet Potato Fries- This is a seasonal item- so they are only there sometimes.  When you see them, stock up!  They’re awesome!

8)  Organic Marinara Sauce- This marinara sauce is perfect!  It’s natural- and it has no sugar!  I love this sauce!

9) Natural Chicken Broth- I love making soup!  I love making my broth- but I can’t keep up with my soup-making habit!   I love this organic Chicken broth- I always stock up when I go to Aldi.

10) Blue Cheese and Feta Cheese Crumbles-  I love having tasty salad toppings around.  I feel like adding cheese to a salad makes it a meal.  Aldi has awesome cheese crumbles!


11) Coconut Oil – is the best!  I love baking with coconut oil- plus my husband is obsessed with making coconut oil grilled cheese.  Yes. You read that correctly.  Aldi has the best coconut oil for the best price.

12) Peanut Butter Cups- Did you know that Aldi and Trader Joe’s are related somehow?  Anyway, I don’t live in an area with a Trader Joe’s ( boo!).  But I can tell you that the Peanut Butter Cups you find in the chocolate section at Aldi are the same Peanut Butter Cups you see at Trader Joe’s.  I swear it and promise!

13) Quinoa- I probably wouldn’t eat quinoa if Aldi didn’t have it for such a low price.   The other grocery stores in my area sell quinoa for like $10.00 a bag.  It is so much more reasonable at Aldi.

13) Peanut Butter- We go through at least one jar of peanut butter-per week.  I love the smooth, natural peanut butter at Aldi.  It has less sugar than most same brand peanut butter- plus is inexpensive.

14) Bananas- The Aldi here in Cedar Falls, Iowa, often has bananas for .44 cents a bunch!  I have seen them for as low as .22 cents a bunch!  I usually grab them every week- even if they aren’t the perfect color. For .22 cents a bunch, I can make my FLOURLESS BANANA BREAD or put the bananas in the freezer for smoothies.   My kids usually will eat bananas, no matter what color they are.  Plus, we LOVE making  BANANA ICE CREAM out of them!

15) Sliced Cheese- We love getting the packages of sliced cheese!  Aldi has a great selection of gourmet sliced cheeses.  They’re all delicious!  I will say, I am a little bit of a snob when it comes to cheese.  I won’t eat American or anything overly processed.  The variety of sliced cheese changes, but there are always some good ones.

16) This Raspberry Jam- I usually love homemade jam the best, but I love this raspberry jam from ALDI too.  My kids prefer this on their peanut butter sandwiches.  It is made of good stuff.  It is flavorful, but not overly sweet.



Do you shop at Aldi?  What are your favorite items?



  1. I love aldi too! I love your site – just found it

    I see you were from Chicago – I’m in oak park 🙂

  2. WE make poor man’s pastries with CROISSANTS. Split, put some cream cheese and some of your fav preserve on. THAT’S our favorite thing to make with them

    • I make a bread pudding using croissants instead of bread. I add walnuts and brown sugar on layers of croissants before pouring the egg nixture on .

  3. It is nice to know that Aldi’s and Trader Joe’s are connected. In some way! I have not shopped there in awhile, However, I always bought their canned veggies, among other products. I bought some off-brand Nutella, it was very good!

  4. Like you, I never thought I’d actually shop in an aldi. Now that is my main shopping and supplement at regular grocery stores for the name brand items I can’t do without. The Fit and active string cheese is a weekly purchase, the 45 calorie turkey sticks are a quick “can’t wait until dinner” protein boost and their greek yogurts in the 32 oz tubs are amazing in the protein count and love the nonfat plain and add a little jam or (when in season) pumpkin butter for an out of this world pumpkin yogurt. My husband is obsessed with their coconut vanilla yogurt cups. My daughter swears by the movie theater butter microwave popcorn and stocks up on boxes of it when going to college!

  5. Hi I’m from Scotland .We also have aldi over HERE great place to

  6. I shop at Aldis love their fit and active yogurt and their fit and active cereal bars

  7. i’m like you, I would never shop at aldi years ago. Now, you can’t keep me out of the place!

  8. Lynn dibartolomeo

    we use a. BOx of the quInoa rice blend, One pOund of ground turkey and a bAg of steamed BROCCOLI. All in one sKillet. Add some shredded cheddar. Delicious. And all from aldis.

    • I have never seen the quinoa-rice blend! – but we don’t have one of the big-new Aldi stores. I will look for that next time I’m in chicago!

  9. I have heard that the owners of aldi and trader joes are brothers. Who had a falling out. Originated in germany i believe. .

  10. Kristen cook

    Trader Joe’s is owned by the same German company as Aldi. in fact, you’ll often find the exact same products at aldi as you would find at trader joe’s, just in different packaging. there are so many things i choose to buy at aldi instead of the higher priced grocery chains: cereal, coffee creamer, snack foods, baking supplies, spices, fresh meats, and holiday items. one thing that i don’t find is a good value is their frozen vegetables – they switched over to almost all “steam fresh” veggies in smaller packages in the past year so i prefer to purchase those in larger bags at either gfs or costco.

    ps: is there a reason the comment box will only let me type in all caps? Or is it something i’ve done? Sorry if it seems like i’m shouting!

  11. We love Aldi’s. Holiday specials, can’t be beat. Must say I was sorry they quit carrying the sweet potato casserole, it was the family favorite, and it fit in one of my casserole dishes. lol their version of Velveeta in the box, rice, pastas, especially the noodles, can milk and all the sugars for baking, fresh broccoli, peppers, green onions, avocados, bananas, berries of all types, and lettuces. Almost all dairy products – butter, soft butter with olive oil, lactose free milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, grates cheese and block cheese. Then to ethnic foods, and specialties. Their balsamic vinegar is wonderful, Frozen whipped topping, and the best is the small icecreams, especially the java chip, none better! We love Aldi’s.

  12. Enjoyed reading your favorites from Aldi’s. I drive past 3 other groceries for the pricing and the meat and vegetables are so much better.

  13. Aldi is our FAVOURITE store ,brushed potatoes and the iceberg lettuce is a wonder ,they sell the best carrots

  14. Adli has been my favorite for a few years now.
    Their cerial is as good as the name brands. Ditto on the peanut butter. Love their veggies. The package of different color peppers can’t be beat for $1.99. Canned goods are great prices and the newer aldi’s have a bigger better fresh veggie aisle.

    Thanks for updating your website. I have not tried the tropical fruit salad, but will this week.

  15. Michelle gardner

    I shop Aldi too. The spices are great. The semi sweet morsels For chocolate Chip cookies are the best. Good food cheap

  16. THeir VErsion Of Raisin Bran is the Best!

  17. I love Shopping at alDis and im happy to find this pin. I have my favorite groceries to bUy especially their liquid coffee creamer. Thanks for all your suggestions.

  18. I can’t wait for the Safeway edition 🙂

  19. I love thei oeanut butter from aldi also. Thr black bean tortill chips are delis.h. And the winking owl merlot is my fave!, also love the dark roast coffee. A d whole wheat wide pan bread. And thr bague and garlic naan.

  20. I am a foodie that loves Aldi’s specialty salad dressings. I haven’t bought salad dressing in 30 years but this is the only brand I buy.

  21. I love Aldi Frozen Orange Juice! We tried it once and will only use this brand in frozen. Their orange juice in a box is also good. Their qtips. Why pay $4 fir a name right. Their dark chocolate is awesome. As a home baker love their butter, but the best sour cream is from aldi. It’s rich and bakes very well as does their cream cheese. Fresh produce qhen n in season is such a bargain and napkins, kleenex, paper towels. If you aren’t brand stuck you can save tons at aldi . Simple rule if I don’t like it, I just don’t buy it again!

  22. I buy the bulk of my groceries at aldis! My best finds include the grass fed ground beef and the UNCURED bacon. I also always load up on the organic frozen berries for smoothies and the large container of organic spring MIX and / or spinach, Arugula, KALE, etc.

  23. Not only does Aldi’s have some excellent groceries but i also found a big heavy bottomed stainless steel stove top to oven casserole pan ther, made by Crofton. They have some great kitchen gadgets and cooking utensils too. a similar pan probably would have cost me $40 on up elsewhere. i paid around $18 for it at aldi. cooks evenly and easy to clean. their Coceur chocolates mostly come from germany, are some of the best chocolate i’ve had and come in multiple varieties. Yes Aldi’s is one of my favorite places to shop also.

  24. I buy a lot of those things at Aldi, too. I am in love with their produce section. It’s not only the cheapest produce in the area, but it’s the best, too! My husband and mom eat a lot of salad, I love fruit, and I have two guinea pigs that get fruits and veggies every night. I spend at least half as much on produce at Aldis than I do at the chain grocery stores in my area.

    • Yes. I also love their produce section! They don’t always have everything, but I can usually meal plan around that 🙂

  25. Kristen hamilton

    YES! SO greAT! I grew up with the aldi in cedar falls in the 90s and frequented it again when i moved bAck from st. Louis to go to uni a decade lAter!

  26. I love their oyster crackers. They’re seasonal too. $.79 . so stock up..also they’re. 1/2 &1/2 is $1.55 and ultra pasturized


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