Candy Airplane Valentines PLUS a free printable


So back, a long time ago, before I decided that I wanted this blog to be a food blog.  I loved posting little diddly do dah crafts.

I don’t have to me for these do dah’s anymore. ¬† But for Valentines Day, I will make an exception.

This weekend, I surfed Pinterest along side my 4 year old son, so we could come up with ideas for his class Valentines.   We came up with Candy airplane valentines.    I created this cute printable and we assembled them today.   ( okay fine.  I assembled them.  he put on the sticker.)

I am lucky, my son goes to a private preschool that allows homemade birthday treats, and candy Valentines.  Love it.



  • Sticks of gumI used Juicy Fruit¬†
  • Smartiesyou can also use long tootsie rolls¬†
  • large life savers¬†
  • rubberband
  • little plastic bagI think this one is important. ¬†Since the life savers are unwrapped, I think its important to put them into a sealed bag. ¬†I found these small jewelry bags in the craft department at Wal-mart. ¬†



This is easy.  Just place the rubber band between the life savers.  then attach each side of the rubber band to the gum.  stick the smarties in the middle of the life savers and then attach a heart sticker.


I made these cute printables to attach to the valentines. ¬†If you like this, please print it out my FREE PRINTABLE!! ¬†You’re Just Plane Awesome¬†<— ¬†Free Printable


I had such a fun time making these with my son.  We are making another variation of them for grandparents.   See my ongoing collection of Valentine Photo Cards too!

Just plane awesome valentine



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