DIY Orzo Pasta- using kitchen shears + Video tutorial

Homemade Orzo 110

Orzo has always been one of my favorite pasta shapes.  I discovered it young, when my parents used to take me to the Greek Isles, the best Greek restaurant in Chicagoland.

I saw a tutorial online on how to make DIY orzo, but this blogger used a knife to cut her orzo, I thought that using kitchen shears would be much easier and faster.

Scroll down to see my first video tutorial ever.  ( you will see that I am an newbie)

I used a basic pasta recipe.  You can use any pasta recipe you like for this application.  The best part about this DIY orzo?  There is no pasta maker necessary!

You do need kitchen shears though.  I love my kitchen shears, I keep several pairs on hand.

Homemade Orzo1

Check out my video tutorial on how I cut this orzo.  It wasn’t hard.  Well shooting the video was.  I used my phone that was on a selfie stick, that was being held up my a laundry basket.  Maybe I’ll get better at this.

After you make your pasta dough, and you let it sit.  roll out your dough, and use your kitchen shears to cut pieces or orzo.  If you have a hard time getting skinny “snakes” ( yes. I am taking you back to grade school). Use the shears to cut the dough in 1/2 vertically.

Homemade Orzo 05

When your dough is complete, cook it for 4-6 minutes.  I topped mine with just olive oil and parmesan cheese.  ( although I was temped to add greek seasoning)  My kids gobbled it up!  They love their pasta!

Homemade Orzo


Homemade Orzo using kitchen shears 01



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