I made my DIY “Go Gurt” using my Ninja Blender System.  Any blender will work, but I find that the Ninja is exceptional at blending fruit, especially frozen fruit.   
For several years now, I have been very mindful about how much sugar is in store-bought yogurt.   I usually skip the yogurt section all together.  Some of those “healthy” yogurt flavors have 20 grams of sugar in just a little container!  ( Don’t even get me started on the yogurt with all the artificial sweeteners! )

Still, I sometimes stop by the yogurt section at the store and glance at the nutrition labels on the kids yogurt products.  Besides a few of the products in the organic department, I can’t justify buying the ” kids” yogurt products with sugar, and artificial dyes or ingredients.

But Sometimes, when my older son and I are having a lunch date at Panara, I will let him get the yogurt in the pouches.  and he LOVES THEM!   Thinks they are the greatest ever!  

I purchased some of these “Yogurt Packets”.  Here is what the ” Blueberry” looked like.   gogurt100

Seriously, Gross!  How do these companies get away with marketing this to kids?   Today, I purchased just a tub of plain yogurt, and made ” Homemade Go GURT” with just fruit and a small amount of coconut sugar.

 It was Easy, a fun activity and is SO MUCH HEALTHIER! I have the Ninja Blender and Food Processor.  and I truly love it!  My favorite feature is this little single serve blender cup for when you want to just blend a little bit at a time.  I think I use this little single serve blender more than the large blender.   goggurt5

Look at this beautiful blueberry color?  THIS is something I can feel good about feeding my kids!


A few notes about ” Homemade Go Gurt”

1) I used ” Plain” Yogurt instead of Greek Yogurt.  I was a little worried that the Greek Yogurt wouldn’t “funnel” into the plastic bags as easy

2) These little plastic bags are Zipzicle Ice Pop Molds, Clear, 12-Pack” Zipzicles” You can buy them on Zipzicle Ice Pop Molds, Clear, 12-PackAmazon, like I did .  You don’t need to have these.  You can also use these rFoodWorks – Silicone Ice Pop Maker Molds / Popsicle Molds – Set of 6eusable containers OR just put them in baby food jars. 

3) I added just a tad of ” Coconut sugar” to sweeten this yogurt.  You can sweeten this yogurt with bananas, honey, or even just a spoonful of sugar.  ( adding just a bit of sugar is still so much better than the amount of sugar in the store-bought)

4) I am not going to write a recipe here, because this is more of an idea to capitalize on.  You can blend any kind of fruit with this yogurt.   I made blueberry, raspberry banana, and mango. gogurt8

This won over E with flying colors!