Creative ways to serve salad


I just LOVE salad. Don't you?  Salad REALLY gets a bad rap as boring diet food.   But head over to Pinterest and type in " Salad" in the search bar. OH MY BEAUTIFUL!  I can't believe people actually made these!  They look WAY to pretty to eat! I LOVE putting together pretty spreads for friends and  family when they visit.  Here are some of my favorite, creative ways to serve salads. The following photos are from this blog and other bloggers too.  Please click on each photo to link over to … [Read more...]

Cherry Chocolate-Chip Soft Serve


I know what you're thinking. Does this girl eat anything other than frozen banana concoctions? I was actually telling a friend the other day how I have been eating banana based ice cream ALL the time!  ( which actually has helped me cut down on empty snacking) Her response " Well, I bet you don't have to worry about getting Charlie Horses in the middle of the night!".  LOL  I had to laugh at myself just a little bit Before I go on.  I should list the other " Frozen banana based" … [Read more...]

BBQ gift pack giveaway


I am pretty sure that I have mentioned once before.  Before last November, I was pretty much a loner in blogging.  I didn't know any other bloggers personally, I rarely told people that I blogged. ( I still don't tell many people.  It's still somewhat of a new platform, and I don't feel like many people understand why people do it). But this year, I have networked and made LOTS of blogging friends.  And I LOVE it!  Not only has my blog become more popular, but I have discovered other blogs … [Read more...]

Spinach, Berries and Chicken Salad


A few weeks ago, the folks over at Wellmark, asked me if I would make one of their healthy recipes, and post about it.  Sure! Although, I am usually a " make it up as I go along" gal, following someone else's recipe for a change is a fantastic way to broaden my horizons and get out of recipe ruts. If you read this blog often, you may notice that I rarely post salad recipes.  That's because, USUALLY when I am making a salad, I am pulling out whatever I can find in my fridge to top … [Read more...]

Healthy Coffee Frappe


I have had two instances lately, when BOTH kids are sleeping at once!  Woah!  What to do? Also, I have been trying to get into shape.  This past month, I have started running about 3 miles 3-4 times a week.   And also trying to eat healthier.   I do this by satisfying all of my sweet cravings with Banana based ice cream and banana based milkshakes. Making banana milkshakes and Ice cream is a GREAT way to feel like you are eating something totally naughty, when, in reality, you are just … [Read more...]

Gluten-Free Pizza Casserole


This weekend three of my "Tween" aged nephews came to visit.  I wanted to make them meals they would like, but also,make meals that follow their family's gluten-free diet.  ( I know I have mentioned on this blog before that I have gluten-free family members....Why are they Gluten-free?  Well, that's not my story to tell.) What Tween boy ( or any reasonable person) doesn't like pizza? This Gluten-Free pizza casserole is a take on a cauliflower pizza crust without being as labor intensive.   … [Read more...]

Zoodles and Meatballs


You know what?  I have ALWAYS wanted to make Zoodles.  ( Zucchini Noodles) Ever since I saw them on Pinterest a million years ago.  Unlike some people or professional food bloggers, I have not invested in many " fancy kitchen gadgets".  I don't really have the space for them. Plus, I am organized like a right brained girl. ( I keep my art paint brushes in my silverware drawer, and I think it drives everyone else CRAZY!)    This means that owning less stuff works better for me.  I really … [Read more...]

DIY Healthy Strawberry Milk


A few years back, The Food Revolution with Jamie Oliver aired on T.V.  My husband and I watched every episode, then decided we would do what we could to make healthy choices for our future children.  ( We had no kids at this time). But you know what?  getting kids to eat and drink healthy is HARD! We had an especially hard time getting our oldest to drink white milk.  And, sometimes resorted to things like sugary chocolate.( I know) Watch this video- Learn that processed chocolate and strawberry … [Read more...]

10 Freezer Meal Tips


Before I had my second baby boy this past December, I dove into the world of freezer meals.  I had a lot of anxiety on how I would handle life with two small boys.  And, I don't know about you, but the most stressful time of the day for me, is always that time before dinner.  The kids are cranky and bored, and putting together a healthy-homemade dinner is the last thing I want to do. I am totally sold on the freezer meal concept.  In fact, I am pretty sure my friends and family are sick of … [Read more...]

Mini Banana Smores


Mini Banana Smores are an easy and fun treat to make when you just need a "little sweet treat".   Plus, they are a great dessert to make with your kids.    Welp, I am a single parent again this week.  My hubby is in Switzerland for 3 days.  It's not so bad.  You see:  1) I have great kids.  2) It's beautiful outside and there is A lot to play :) - Imagination has taken over my backyard. There are Jungles, Racetracks, Restaurants, Kitchens, and even a Starbucks where E likes to pretend … [Read more...]