Mini “Kiss” Cookies


When I was mentally " Brainstorming" Blog recipes one night, I started thinking about different things that I could make " Mini"  After my last dessert post, Nutella Grape Poppers, I really liked the idea of just eating a " spot of dessert".  I especially like the idea of having little desserts during the holidays.   My family always has LOTS of food during the holidays, it's nice to even that out a bit with these little poppers.  These Mini "Kiss" Cookies are not actually made with a Kiss.   … [Read more...]

Iowa Blogger Giveaway

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Just wanted to stop by this morning to announce that my Iowa Blogging Pals and I decided to giveaway a little something to our readers.  Did you know that a lot of bloggers usually work together to promote each other?  Well, this is my group.  Please check them all out and enjoy this giveaway! Meet the Iowa Bloggers :) In the Kitchen with Jenny- Jenny lives in a small community in Iowa.  Just by looking at her food photos, you can tell that she is a MEAN cook!  She knows how to make ALL … [Read more...]

Nutella Dipped Grapes


Looking for an easy dish to bring to a party?  These Nutella Grape poppers are juicy, salty and delicious!  The best part?  They literally only take 5 minutes to make!  I don't do a huge food shopping trip every week.  But at least once a week, I head to the store and pick up the essentials.   What are the weekly food essentials in our home?  Bananas, Milk, Bread, Spring Mix, Meat, Eggs, Cheese and GRAPES!  Both of my kids are obsessed with grapes!  I usually try to switch up the grapes every … [Read more...]

Poached Pear stuffed Pork Loin


It's fall people.  Crunchy leaves, pumpkin lattes, apple pie.   And all the food bloggers are all like " what do you prefer?  Pumpkin or Apple?  "Apple or Pumpkin?" Companies come up with pumpkin and apple Everything like nothing else fall even exists!    They don't mention squash, parsnips, dates, sweet potatoes or PEARS!  Oh my goodness!  I love pears! Forget pumpkin.  Fall is Pear season!  USA pears have 10 types of pears that are being harvested now!  They're so good!  I chose to use a … [Read more...]

Traveling to Disney with small children


A few weeks ago, I traveled all the way to Disney World with my husband and two sons. ( ages Almost 3 and 9 months)  When I told people that we were planning this trip, the most frequent response was "You're Crazy"  And I will admit, I never thought that I would take children, this young, to Disney.   ( My husband travels often for his job, so we found ourselves with free flights and hotels with his points...We thought.  Why not?) And I will say, this trip was a challenge.  But, it was also a … [Read more...]

Acorn Squash Shepherds Pie


Twice baked Acorn Squash Shepherd's Pie is a great new light twist on a classic comfort food.   Not only are these adorable to serve at any meal, but acorn squash has much fewer calories than potatoes, even sweet potatoes.  I am a little surprised that the members of my family haven't turned orange.   We have been getting our fix of beta carotene lately.  Lots of baked sweet potatoes, and a TON of Acorn Squash.  Acorn Squash has been on sale for .99 in my town for about a month now!  I can't … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Flourless Cookies


  OMG you guys, you have to try these.  They are so good!   In August, I posted an original recipe, Flourless Sweet Potato Brownies, and they instantly became popular on the web.  Yesterday, I had some leftover Baked Sweet Potatoes in the fridge, so I broke them out and decided to try a flourless sweet potato cookie.   I also added dark chocolate pieces and chopped almonds.   I really think that adding the chopped almonds was the secret to making these so good.   Adding Crunchy … [Read more...]

Busy Nights made easier with Plated


Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a “sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” I was SUPER excited when the folks at Plated … [Read more...]

Maple-Mustard Almond Crusted Chicken


So I am finally back in the Swing of things after Two weeks of kind of being on a hiatus! Week 1- went to Disney with my family. Week-2 unpacked, put the house back together and took care of sick children.  There just isn't time for blogging when little ones need to be held all day. The weather was also dreary, which makes picture-taking more difficult.  Winter is coming.  I am going to have to do all my picture-taking during the day.  If you blog, you understand. :) Ok Rant … [Read more...]

15 Healthy Fall Snacks and a Cash Giveaway!


I just got back from Florida and I had lots of crunchy leaves in my yard!  ( Built in kid activity! )   Anyway, I had a great time in Florida, but I am ready for the prettiest time of year here in the Midwest,  FALL! I am going to keep this post short, as I am doing this giveaway with a group of other bloggers, and I am a little late getting this up.  ( due to having flights cancelled. etc.) Here are 15 Healthy Fall Snacks!  for you to enjoy! I love some of these more than others, but … [Read more...]