Kale & Key-Lime Pie Cups


Before Christmas, I made Healthy Key-Lime Pie Ice Cream.   I was super bummed that it wasn't more popular, because it has been my favorite recipe lately.  Seriously, it tasted REALLY good! But, do you know one thing also really loved about it?   I added spinach to the ice cream, and it was appropriate, since Limes are Green.   My 3-year-old was skeptical when I handed him something that looked like another green smoothie but, when I told him it was lime, he gobbled the whole thing up. Last … [Read more...]

Barbecue Chicken Jalapeno Poppers


Howdy Folks! I have a really tasty recipe for you today! A new twist on a family favorite.  Barbecue Chicken Jalapeno Poppers!  Jalapeno Poppers is my husband's favorite appetizer to serve when people come over. I added barbecue chicken to these poppers, to cool down the jalapeno a bit. Adding barbecue to these really gives it some tang. These Barbecue Chicken Jalapeno Poppers are the best reason I can think of, to grill in this cold Iowa winter! This January, Kraft has come out … [Read more...]

DIY Freezer Potato Skins


These DIY Freezer Loaded Potato Skins are comparable to the pre made ones you buy at the store.  These are cheaper to make, and much healthier.  This is a great way to use up your leftover potatoes.  When I was younger. ( like high school aged).  ( Which is 1/2 a lifetime ago), my mom used to go to Sam's club and Costco and would buy all the fun frozen appetizers in bulk.   I loved making them when I had friends come over to the house.   pizza rolls, mini egg rolls and TGIF Friday's Loaded … [Read more...]

Healthy Orange Chocolate Shake


  Here is just a quick recipe for you.   We have made a lot of tasty healthy smoothies for my 3-year-old.  You see he is earning LOTS of treats these days!  ( Potty Training) And it's finally actually going really well :) Here is one I made for him.  A healthy Orange-Chocolate Milkshake.  No, there is no sugar added.  And Yes,  It is made from frozen bananas.  I am becoming extremely predictable these days aren't I? I have added citrus to my frozen banana desserts two times recently, … [Read more...]

Three Ingredient Lemon Ice Cream


Happy New Year! Am I the only one Freaking out just a little that it's 2015?  Seriously, time is going by too fast and I hate it!  For New Years, my family and I went to a get-together with our college friends, and now we have been friends with most of these couples for 10 plus years, and I just can't believe it. But maybe I should sit back and Make The Best of Everything  for a minute.   I CAN'T control how old I am getting or how time is flying by WAY TOO FAST  ( I just turned 32 last … [Read more...]

Kale and Parmesan Rice Casserole


Before getting into the details of this recipe.  There are a few points that I would like to make about it.    ( Maybe because I don't feel like telling a big long story about a freezer casserole.  I mean.....It's FREEZER CASSEROLE.  ya know?) 1) I made this Kale Parmesan Chicken Rice Casserole because I wanted to think outside the " Broccoli Cheddar Casserole" Box.  I have looked online for " Different" or " Creative" casseroles and couldn't find "it".  I just needed to take matters into my … [Read more...]

Banana Freezer Frudge


  Merry Christmas! I hope you had such a great holiday!   I had an extremely wonderful and low-key day.  After SEVERAL days of non-stop Christmas parties, my family just had a day of relaxation.   My kiddos were adorable opening their gifts from Santa!   I think they were tired from all the parties, because they both slept for three hours this afternoon!  While they slept, I took a two-hour walk outside and listened to my newest obsession, Serial . Christmas Cookies?  We … [Read more...]

DIY Tortilla chips- with a hint of lime


Am I a broken record? Posting Another Tortilla Chip Recipe? On this blog, I have shown you how to Make your own Tortilla chips,  Make Heart shaped tortilla chips for Valentines Day, Make Pumpkin spice tortilla chips, and NOW, I am going to show you how to make Tortilla chips with a hint of lime. It's funny, I have had "Tortilla Chips-with a hint of lime"  on my " List of things to make"  for about a year now.  I was determined to figure out which store-bought spice would taste like the … [Read more...]

Crush The Cups Plus get free Cameron’s Coffee


Thank you to Cameron’s Coffee for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to Crush the Cups! #Crushthecups Please visit Cameron's Coffee for more product information  #Crushthecups  About a year ago, after having my second son.  ( who turns 1 on Wednesday!)  My husband surprised me with my very own single serve coffee machine. See, I have ALWAYS had a bit of a caffeine addiction.  I usually drink 1/2 a pot of coffee each day, plus an occasional trip to Starbucks for an afternoon … [Read more...]

Healthy Key-Lime- Pie Ice Cream


In blogger world, we always attempt to post recipes a few weeks before each season or holiday.  This way, when people are " out there" looking for ideas, we hope they will read our posts.  :) Well, because I have cooked sweet potato recipes and winter comfort food since the beginning of August, I am sick of it already!   I don't think I can buy one more squash or look at another Christmas cookie!   ( Isn't that sad?  two weeks before Christmas, and I don't even want a Christmas cookie?) So … [Read more...]