20 ” Lazy Mom” ( and Dad) Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Post Edit December 2018:  Hey guys.  I have photos up on my Instagram with my nightly elf set-ups.  Don’t forget to check them out!

When my oldest son was a baby, and when Pinterest was new, I LOVED looking at all those Elf on the Shelf scenes!  I was so excited when we got our first elf!  I waited until my oldest was three.  I looked up a bunch of ideas that I thought he would love!

But then on the third day, I was done with it.  SO done. 

And now we have three kids.  Every night around 11, my husband and I look at each other.

” So are you going to move the Elf?”


But it is so cute when the kids get up and go looking for our Elf.  ( named cherry)  Plus it gets the kids out of bed in the morning.  ( I have one who loves to sleep in)

Here are some easy Elf on the Shelf ideas. That is the key.  EASY.  And with things, we have around the house!

Before we go through them, I put together a cute video for you!

I will also go over these with you.

  1. Christmas Tree and Chair Made from Mega Blocks

2. Hanging out with some Christmas bows

3. Sitting with Olaf

4. Camping out under a book


6. Elf sharing an Elf Joke- the kids really like these.

7. Elf Cookies  

8. Elf covered in stickers

9. Paper Towel Snowman


11. Marshmallow Bath



14. Sprinkle Snow Angel  ( for easy clean up, make this on parchment paper)

15. Sharing a marshmallow milkshake with a dinosaur



19. Elf drew mustaches on the boys with a dry erase marker

20. Drinking fresh orange juice.

I have added a few more since I originally posted!  they are below.  Enjoy!


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