Nutella Dipped Grapes


Are you looking for an easy dish to bring to a party?  These Nutella Grape poppers are juicy, salty, and delicious!  The best part?  They only take 5 minutes to make! 

I don’t make a huge food shopping trip every week. ¬†But at least once a week, I head to the store and pick up the essentials. ¬† What are the weekly food essentials in our home? ¬†Bananas, Milk, Bread, Spring Mix, Meat, Eggs, Cheese, and GRAPES! ¬†Both of my kids are¬†obsessed¬†with grapes! ¬†I usually try to switch up the grapes every week. ¬†Red grapes one week, then green grapes the next week. ¬† The weekly bag of grapes randomly come out during lunches and dinners.

It’s funny, though. I never think to include grapes in any recipe, even though they are always staring me in the face almost every day!

Two years ago, I posted these yummy Cheesy grape pops.  They were so excellent.  I wanted to make a dessert version of them.  So, I FINALLY did it!

Not even joking when I say these only take 5 minutes.    I chopped up cashews to put on my Nutella Grape Poppers.   Almonds, Walnuts, or whatever you like will make these excellent!


These are also fun to make when you want a “spot of dessert.” ¬† They are small, and you get everything you need in one bite! ¬†These are so easy! You wash grapes, dip them in Nutella, and roll the grape in nuts.



I Can’t believe I forgot about how good these are! ¬†I need to make these to share sometime soon!





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