Nutella Dipped Grapes


Looking for an easy dish to bring to a party?  These Nutella Grape poppers are juicy, salty and delicious!  The best part?  They literally only take 5 minutes to make! 

I don’t do a huge food shopping trip every week.  But at least once a week, I head to the store and pick up the essentials.   What are the weekly food essentials in our home?  Bananas, Milk, Bread, Spring Mix, Meat, Eggs, Cheese and GRAPES!  Both of my kids are obsessed with grapes!  I usually try to switch up the grapes every week.  Red grapes one week, than green grapes the next week.   The weekly bag of grapes randomly come out during lunches and dinners.

It’s funny though, I never think to include grapes in any sort of recipe, even though they are always staring me in the face almost every day!

Two years ago, I posted these yummy Cheesy grape pops .  They were so excellent.  I wanted to make a dessert version of them.  So, I FINALLY did!

Not even joking when I say these only take 5 minutes.    I chopped up cashews to put on my Nutella Grape Poppers.   Almonds, Walnuts or whatever you like will make these excellent!


These are also fun to make when you just want a “spot of dessert”.   They are small and you literally get everything you need in one bite!  These are so easy! you literally just wash grapes, dip them in Nutella, and roll the grape in nuts.



I Can’t believe I forgot about how good these are!  I need to make these to share sometime soon!




  1. Yum! I love a dessert appetizer 🙂

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