Pull-Apart Sweet Potato Fries


Have I ever told you guys about how I love eating sweet potatoes?

Well, I do, especially in fry form.  My family and I eat sweet potato fries — a LOT.  But today was the first time I ever got to pull them apart while eating them. And let me tell you.  It was quite fun. If your family likes sweet potato fries, or homemade white potato fries, this ” pull apart” way of making fries will be a treat. And it’s easy.



2) Cut a medium-sized potato 4-5 times long ways and 10-12 times across. You want your cuts to almost to go through the potato, but not entirely, though.  Make sure they are deep enough.  You want your fries to be crispy.


3.) Top Sweet Potato with canola oil and salt.  I use canola instead of olive oil when I cook something at a high temp.  You will want to make sure you get fat and salt in every row of the potato. 

4.) Bake at 400 degrees F for about 40 minutes, of course, this time can vary depending on how large the potato is.


This was a very satisfying lunch.  And a great way to experiment with a new recipe during my boys’ nap time. My favorite part was the bottom fries that had the potato skin on them.  They turned out crispy.





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