Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies


My 19-month-old LOVES cookies!  It’s probably because Cookie Monster is his favorite character on Sesame Street.  Sesame Street is the only show he watches! I know that it is not a good habit to give your kids cookies all the time, but I thought I would come up with a cookie that won’t result in an over- the- top sugar high!

A few months ago, I made  Greek Yogurt Banana pancakes.  I used the banana in the place of sugar.  I thought, well, why not use a banana in the place of sugar when making my little man cookies?

Whenever I bake cookies, I ALWAYS dig out my OXO Good Grips Medium Cookie Scoop“>.  I am in love with it, and I use it for WAY more than baking cookies!  ( scooping out baked potatoes, making homemade zucchini nuggets, scooping the seeds from squash, scooping out ice cream).  It makes baking cookies SO much easier.


I used a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe but substituted the banana for sugar and egg.  When you add a banana to a baking mixture, you don’t need to add an egg because you will have enough moisture with the banana 

I was pleased with the results.  Fruit is truly nature’s candy. It’s amazing how sweet some fruits are.  I promise that you will NOT miss the sugar in these cookies at all!

If you are looking for more healthy cookie recipes. You should check out my Flourless Sweet Potato Cookies or my Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


After dinner, tonight, my son and I dipped our cookies in milk and enjoyed them!


1/3 cup of room temperature butter

– One mashed up a ripe banana

– 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

– 1 cup of flour

– One teaspoon of baking powder

– 1/2 cup of mini chocolate chips 

In a bowl, mix banana and vanilla and chocolate chips.  Add dry ingredients and continue to mix.  Using your cookie scoop, drop the cookies 1 inch apart from each other on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.


I made my cookies mini.  I don’t think my toddler needs a huge adult size cookie, even if there is no sugar added!


I will be making these again sometime!  I am pleased with the way they turned out!




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