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Electric Pressure Cooker Ramekin Brownies

When I first started making these personal-sized brownies in my electric pressure cooker, I tried to improve the popular microwave mug brownies.¬† I found the microwave mug version to be incredibly dry.¬† The electric pressure cooker recipe tastes moist, delectable, fudgy, and chocolaty- the perfect quick treat to enjoy on […]


Flourless Oatmeal-Raisin Cookie Bars

For a while, ¬†I was posting healthy cookie recipes without sugar. ¬†Instead, I was adding maple syrup or dates. ¬† But do you know what makes a cookie taste good? ¬†Brown sugar. Let me explain. ¬† Over the last few years, my sweetness pallet has changed. ¬†I can no longer […]


Flourless Oatmeal Cookie Cups

These Flourless Oatmeal Cookie Cups are simple, gluten-free, and tasty.¬† These cook up in a muffin tin super fast, and they’re made with ingredients you already have in your pantry!¬† I added raspberry filling to my cookie cups, but you can add your favorite fruit filling you like!¬† These are […]


Three Ingredient Lemon Nice Cream

Happy New Year! Am I the only one Freaking out¬†just a little¬†that it’s 2015? ¬†Seriously, time is going by too fast, and I hate it! ¬†For New Years, my family and I went to a get-together with our college friends, and now we have been friends with most of these […]