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Watermelon Yogurt Ice Pops

Ever since I posted my DIY “go gurt” last September, I knew that I wanted to experiment with some different flavors. There are just so many wonderful fruits that would make homemade fruit yogurt for kids. What kid wouldn’t love watermelon yogurt? ¬†These DIY “go gurts” can be easily frozen […]


DIY Yogurt with fruit on the bottom

On this blog, my DIY “Go Gurt” has been popular. ¬†But do you know what I LOVED when I was a kid? Yogurt with FRUIT on the bottom! ¬†Yogurt with fruit on the bottom was one of my favorite things to take in my school lunch. ¬†Sometimes, I mixed the […]


Healthy Grocery Store Frappuccino

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, then you know I love coffee. ¬†I¬†used¬†to put all sorts of unhealthy things in my coffee, but I don’t anymore. ¬†I have weaned myself off those fake coffee creamers, and have even stopped adding honey or maple syrup to my coffee. […]


Sriracha Deviled Eggs

I am back from the Ultimate Foodie Chicago Weekend. My husband and I went to Chicago for a long weekend ( left the kiddos with my in laws). ¬†We hit up some of the major foodie hot spots in the west loop. ¬†( Blackbird, and Sephia). We also went to […]


Pineapple Yogurt Soft Serve

I have been a little obsessed with blending frozen fruit, especially bananas to make healthy ice-cream like desserts. ¬†I decided to try something different this time. ¬† Instead of banana-based ice cream. ¬†I made pineapple based. ¬†I mixed just two ingredients. ¬†frozen pineapple and plain yogurt. ¬† If this isn’t […]


Avocado-Tomato Naan Pizza

When I updated my About Me¬†page on my blog last week. ( Which I have put off for a long time). ¬†I mentioned that I was lucky enough to Marry an Iowan. ¬†You know, Iowans are the nicest people in the WHOLE world! They also grow the best produce in […]