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family road trip food tips

Our family loves taking road trips.¬† ¬†We especially love hiking and traveling to National and State Parks.¬† ¬†We usually try to pack our meals when we travel, saving our restaurant meals for a few local places when we get to our travel destination.¬† ¬†We really enjoy finding parks along the […]


100 Enriching Activities for Kids

I don’t think I need to explain why I am writing this post right now.¬† Summer camps have been canceled, pools are closed, I pulled my kids out of baseball this summer because people don’t know how to wear masks in public, and Target is totally wiped out of ” […]


Healthy foods with a Long shelf life

Can I tell you something?¬† There hasn’t been much recipe testing going on at my house lately.¬† ¬†I can’t fathom wasting precious ingredients on something my kids may or may not eat.¬† I have a few ideas, and maybe when I feel up to it, or when I get a […]


DIY Montessori Snack Station

¬†Thank you to Entenmann‚Äôs Little Bites for sponsoring today’s post.¬† All opinions are entirely my own. ¬†#LoveLittleBites and¬†#LunchboxGoals All of our kids attended Montessori preschool, and we have loved what the Montessori learning method has done for our children.¬† One of my favorite things about Montessori is that it teaches […]


Top 10 Recipes 0f 2019

Happy New Year!¬† Thanks for visiting to view all of my recipes, old and new this year!¬† I literally couldn’t be what I am doing without you!¬† Thank you for letting me into your kitchen.¬† I truly hope your family enjoys my recipes as much as I do! In the […]


Made in Iowa 2019 gift guide

¬†This post is sponsored by Travel Iowa.¬† All opinions are entirely my own. #thisisiowa #madeiniowa It’s that time of year again!¬† Time to buy all those Christmas gifts for your loved ones.¬† I realized over Thanksgiving how incredibly lucky my family is when I sat there with my younger brother, […]


10 tips for making soup in your Instant Pot

this post may contain affiliate links¬† I have owned my Instant Pot for over three years now.¬† And if I had to choose one thing to make in my Instant Pot for the rest of my life, I would choose soup. All soups taste magical when cooked in an Instant […]


Cedar Valley Birthday Party Guide

After living in the Cedar Valley for six years, and hosting my share of birthday parties in the area, I decided to put together this birthday party guide for you, as I didn‚Äôt feel that there was a great resource online.¬† I love organizing events, and I now consider myself […]


5 Summer Parenting Hacks

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SummerWithStouffers #CollectiveBias After the longest, coldest, iciest winter that Northern Iowa has had in recent memory, summer is finally here, and it feels like quite the feat. My family moved last week, and […]


After school car snack station

  I have a few ” mom confessions” for you today. 1) The back of my minivan is like the wild west.¬† Like, I don’t know everything or anything that is back there.¬† I almost don’t even want to know. 2) I shamelessly pay my kids to pick up wrappers […]


Homemade Ginger Ale

If there is one food item that sums up my life as a thirty-something mom, it’s ginger.¬† ¬†I discovered it a few years ago and never turned back.¬† Ginger is always the finishing touch to my stir fry, the star of my carrot soup, the essential ingredient to my afternoon […]


5 ways families can save time

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MeatlessMac #PickUpCheesyGoodness‚Äč #CollectiveBias When it comes to raising kids isn’t getting more time with them the most precious thing of all?¬† We have so many modern conveniences that help us save time. For […]