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Dorothy Lynch Chicken Meal Prep Grain Bowls

This post is sponsored by Dorothy Lynch.¬† All opinions are entirely my own.¬† Dorothy Lynch Homestyle Dressing & Condiment is my favorite sweet and spicy condiment!¬† These Dorothy Lynch Chicken Meal Prep grain bowls will please anyone at lunchtime!¬† Sweet Dorothy Lynch Chicken, crunchy cucumbers, chewy farro, savory blue cheese, […]


Protein Blend Ground Beef Lettuce Wraps

Are you looking for some super quick dinner ideas?¬† Try this super easy meal using one pound of ground beef and two bags of Birdseye protein blends.¬† ¬†All you do is cook them together for a quick and balanced meal idea.¬† I made mine into lettuce wraps, but you can […]


Coffee Barbecue Rub Pulled Pork

Trader Joe’s seasonings are becoming my favorite seasonings to cook with.¬† Last summer, I made pulled pork in my electric pressure cooker using the Coffee Barbecue Rub, and the flavor turned out to be unreal.¬† The last time I visited a Trader Joe’s, I picked up several bottles of this […]


Greek Tzatziki Egg Salad

Tzatziki sauce has become of my favorite condiments!¬† I am always trying to find new things to make with it! The tzatziki sauce is a zippy Greek condiment usually served with gyros made from Yogurt, cucumber, dill, garlic, and lemon juice.¬† ¬†You can purchase Tzatziki sauce, but I think homemade […]


Sheet Pan Zucchini Parmesan

If you frequent this blog often or are a personal friend of mine, then you probably know that I have an unwritten love for Eggplant Parmesan.¬† It is a dish I make once or twice every summer when I can get my hands on freshly gown eggplant.¬† I have a […]


Healthy foods with a Long shelf life

Can I tell you something?¬† There hasn’t been much recipe testing going on at my house lately.¬† ¬†I can’t fathom wasting precious ingredients on something my kids may or may not eat.¬† I have a few ideas, and maybe when I feel up to it, or when I get a […]


Hot lunch ideas for your child’s thermos

There are several good reasons to pack a hot lunch for your child in a thermos. It’s Healthier-¬†My kid’s cafeteria actually has a decent menu with lots of fruits and vegetables, but still, there is nothing as healthy as a home-cooked meal.¬† One thing that I am starting to notice […]


Bacon Cheeseburger Quinoa Lunch Bowls

This post may contain affiliate links¬† If you follow me on Instagram,¬† then you know that I have been on a meal prep kick as of lately.¬† ¬†My family is in the middle of a relocation process, so things are pretty hectic right now.¬† ¬†My husband got a new job […]


Scrambled Eggs Puff Pastry Pies

Thank you to the Iowa¬†Egg Council for sponsoring this post.¬† All opinions in this post are entirely my own. ” Wow, you must be busy.”¬† is the statement¬†I receive from oh so many people when I am out in public with my three absolutely¬†adorable sons.¬† And yes, when they were […]


Pressure Cooker Applesauce Pulled Chicken

This post is sponsored by Pepperidge Farm, but the content and opinions expressed here are my¬†¬† #lunchboxsliders #bakedwithcare In about a month, I will start my third year of packing school lunches.¬† And I will continue packing these said school lunches for the next seventeen years.¬† Are you feeling exhausted […]


Instant Pot Pad Thai Chicken

This post contains affiliate links¬† Before I get into this recipe, I want to let you know that I am compiling a master list of all my Instant Pot recipes,¬†just in case you are looking for more recipes to make. If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, then you […]