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Kiwi Chips

Ever since I purchased this excellent Dehydrator, I have been dehydrating every fruit and vegetable in my kitchen.   Last night after my small fry went to bed, I was cleaning the kitchen, and I spotted these Kiwis. ¬†I cut them up and threw them into the dehydrator and let […]


Cucumber Dip Cups

I am always looking for cute ideas for presenting food. ¬†But seriously, I am not going to spend hours working on a food display when you know people are just going to eat it. ¬†Individual cucumber dip cups are a great way to present vegetables and dip. ¬†And these little […]


Pumpkin shaped carrots

Pumpkin shaped carrots are an adorable way to get into the holiday spirit without overdosing on high fructose corn syrup! ¬†They are a cute finishing touch to any wedding, shower, or get together that takes place during the fall! ¬†And they just take a few minutes to make! If you […]


Cheesy Grape Pops

Ever wish you could make cake pops for a party but you don’t feel like spending the hours rolling frosting into crumbled cake. inserting a stick and dipping them into chocolate that you might burn? These cheesy grape pops are just as cute to display, they are not overly sweet […]


Homemade Tortilla Chips in 15 minutes

Oily, salty, warm, and crispy tortilla chips that you get at restaurants are always so addicting.¬† Now you can make your own at home!¬† This recipe is super easy with only three ingredients!¬† Your family will love the satisfying crunch when they bite into these homemade tortilla chips.¬† ¬†These chips […]


Red Kidney Bean Hummus

Lately, I have been trying to ” Get more” out of the food I choose to eat.¬† This means, I have been adding veggies to every meal, and making my snacks count!! I LOVE Hummus! and I have made a large quantity¬†of homemade hummus over the years.¬† The other day, […]