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Iowa Sweet Corn- Sheet Cake

Last month I traveled to Davenport, Iowa along-side nine¬†other food blogger to attend Iowa Corn Quest. ¬† Iowa Corn Quest was an educational tour of the corn growing process, sponsored by Iowa Corn. ¬†You ¬†can learn more about my time at Iowa Corn Quest. While at Iowa Corn Quest, I […]


Sriracha Roasted Corn

I reach for frozen vegetables. ¬†A lot. I know,¬†that it is ” food bloggish” to use all fresh, organic vegetables from the farmers market. ¬†But let’s be real here for a minute, because that doesn’t happen in my house every day. My kids usually don’t have a problem eating frozen […]


Avocado-Tomato Naan Pizza

When I updated my About Me¬†page on my blog last week. ( Which I have put off for a long time). ¬†I mentioned that I was lucky enough to Marry an Iowan. ¬†You know, Iowans are the nicest people in the WHOLE world! They also grow the best produce in […]