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Chicken and Zucchini Quinoa Bake

How would you define a ” Heart Healthy” lifestyle? ¬†For me, it’s eating healthy, and maintaining a consistent running routine. ¬†As most of you know, I started doubling healthy recipes and keeping the recipes in my freezer for quick and healthy lunch and dinners. ¬†This is great because I hardly […]


Hawaiian Pizza Chicken

I have found a new favorite chicken! ¬† My favorite kind of pizza built onto a juicy piece of chicken! ¬†ALL the flavors of Hawaiian Pizza, without all of that crust! ¬†My kiddos ¬†( aged 1 and 3) gobbled this chicken down and begged for more! Back, almost two years […]


Kale and Parmesan Rice Casserole

Before getting into the details of this recipe. ¬†There are a few points that I would like to make about it. ¬† ¬†( Maybe because I don’t feel like telling a big long story about a freezer casserole. ¬†I mean…..It’s FREEZER CASSEROLE. You know?¬† 1) I made this Kale Parmesan […]


DIY Freezer Fries

¬† . Before kids, my husband and I made oven fries all the time, but I don’t have time to cut them all up and wait 40 minutes for them to cook. ¬†So, I decided to try these freezer fries. They’re comfortable, cheap and taste delicious. ¬†Plus you can make […]


Sriracha Deviled Eggs

I am back from the Ultimate Foodie Chicago Weekend. My husband and I went to Chicago for a long weekend ( left the kiddos with my in laws). ¬†We hit up some of the major foodie hot spots in the west loop. ¬†( Blackbird, and Sephia). We also went to […]


Crispy Sriracha Chicken

Adding Sriracha sauce AND yogurt is a great way to add a little kick to your chicken. ¬†The yogurt calms the siracha down in a way that is enjoyable for everyone.¬† I love spice. ¬†My family might laugh at me when I make that statement. ¬†Some¬†members of my family don’t […]


Gluten-Free Pizza Casserole

This weekend three of my “Tween” aged nephews came to visit. ¬†I wanted to make them meals¬†they would like, but also,make meals that follow their family’s gluten-free diet. ¬†( I know I have mentioned on this blog before that I have gluten-free family members….Why are they Gluten-free? ¬†Well, that’s not […]


Salsa and Nectarine BBQ Pulled Pork

  Salsa and Nectarine BBQ Pulled Pork is a fun twist on the classic BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich. ¬†It’s easy to make a huge batch for parties- or for freezing. ¬†This Pulled Pork is wonderful on a sandwich OR a taco. I am becoming a HUGE fan of making Slow […]


Pull-Apart Sweet Potato Fries

Have I ever told you guys about how I love eating sweet potatoes? Well, I do, especially in fry form. ¬†My family and I eat sweet potato fries ‚ÄĒ a LOT. ¬†But today was the first time I ever got to pull them apart while eating them. And let me […]


DIY Pizza Bagel Bites

DIY Bagel Bites are easy to make. ¬†Just Follow a few simple steps and you can freeze these for later use. ¬†These Bagel Bites make excellent toddler lunches. Just ask my two year old.¬†   When I was a teenager, my mom got boxes of Bagel Bites from Sam’s club […]