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DIY Handi-Snacks

Did you have a favorite snack when you were a kid? I always loved Handi-snacks. ┬áScooping up the cheese with that little red plastic spreader. ┬áOr Dipping the Pretzels in the cheese. ┬áThey were always so good. ┬áMy parents never bought pre packaged snacks like Handi-snacks. I think my parents […]


DIY Pizza Bagel Bites

DIY Bagel Bites are easy to make. ┬áJust Follow a few simple steps and you can freeze these for later use. ┬áThese Bagel Bites make excellent toddler lunches. Just ask my two year old.┬á   When I was a teenager, my mom got boxes of Bagel Bites from Sam’s club […]


Cheesy Grape Pops

Ever wish you could make cake pops for a party but you don’t feel like spending the hours rolling frosting into crumbled cake. inserting a stick and dipping them into chocolate that you might burn? These cheesy grape pops are just as cute to display, they are not overly sweet […]