Homemade Protein-Packed Pad Thai

This post is sponsored by Soyfoods Association of North America in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own. #nationalsoymonth When my husband and I lived in the Quad Cities- we went out for Thai food all the time.  There […]


Kurt’s Zucchini Sandwich

My blog is named ” Make the best of everything”.  The slogan at the top of this page states ” A blog. Where I show you the things that I make!” Well folks.  I did not make this zucchini sandwich. In the midst of all of my ” Low Carb” […]


Zucchini pizza cups

These are Zucchini pizza cups.  These cute little cups might just be the same thing that I always make for dinner, but transformed into a new shape.  If you are a reader of this blog, then you know I LOVE zucchini. Just in a last month or so I have […]


Summer zucchini pizza

Summer zucchini pizza There is no flavor combination quite as amazing as caramelized onions and zucchini.  I feel like I am always putting these two vegetables together, but in different ways, all the time. And its no lie, that when I do my Sunday grocery shopping, that I will often […]


Egg Roll Wrapper Calzones

Lately I have been trying to make recipes healthier so I can loose my baby weight  get in shape for summer!I was watching The Hungry Girl, a show on the Food Network where the host made apple pies using egg roll wrappers instead of using pie crust!  What a great […]