St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day Pizza

On Valentines Day I made this Valentines Day Pizza.   and  brainstromed up a good idea for a St. Patricks Day Pizza as well!   Here is How: Start with A bag of spinach and kitchen sheers. Pick out a few spinach leaves. Cut the Spinach leaves into shamrocks! Place them […]

Kiss me Im Irish!

Here is a simple and cute idea to celebrate St. Patricks Day. This can be used as a decoration,  gift it to someone for St Patricks day. Here is How: 1) Cut out some paper to” Hershey Kiss” size. Write ” Kiss me I’m Irish on it” Glue the paper on to […]

Irish Flag Kabobs

Do these vegetables remind you of anything? LOL I made vegetable kabobs that look like Irish flags! ( to keep it healthy)  and this is SOO easy! I chose to make my flags out of green peppers, cauliflower, and carrots. However, there are other vegetables that can be used. Be creative! […]