Kitchen Tips

25 Easy Canned Pineapple Recipes

Canned pineapple is often fresher than the pineapple you find at the store.   Canned pineapple is usually picked and canned the same day. It is cheaper and, knowing that aluminum cans get recycled domestically, better for the environment.   Canned pineapple is inexpensive and a versatile ingredient used in various snacks, […]


My favorite things from Trader Joe’s

First, I should start by saying.  I am NOT being paid to write this post!  I have enjoyed sharing with you my favorite items at various grocery stores.  You can also check out my favorite items to get at ALDI & my favorite items to arrive at Walmart. All you […]


14 DIY Freezer Convenience foods

I know I don’t post these “round-up” posts very much.   My husband and I are planning on buying a new deep freezer soon, and I plan on filling it with more freezer foods.   Now that I am at the point where I have 300 plus recipes on this […]


10 Freezer Meal Tips

Before I had my second baby boy this past December, I dove into the world of freezer meals.  I had a lot of anxiety on how I would handle life with two small boys.  And I don’t know about you, but the most stressful time of the day for me […]