Children’s gifts

Felt Road patrol kit

My nephew Kyle just turned 2.  After making homemade gifts for his brothers and sisters I, of course had to make something fun and creative for him as well! Some of my other gifts I have made some of the other children in Kyle’s family include: Adam’s homemade detective kit Audrey’s Play […]

Felt Alphabet Soup

I just finished making a birthday present for one of my favorite little people who turned One last month.  I thought of the idea of making ” Alphabet Soup”, after this little girl’s mom told me about how her daughter likes to play with items in the kitchen and play with the laundry.  It took […]

Puffy Paint Name Stamp

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, then you know that I LOVE working with Puffy Paint. I saw on pinterest that someone used it to make stamps, and I wanted to try it out for myself . I decided to try making a ” Name Stamp” because […]

Red Box movie gift set

My nephew Adam turned 6 last week.  Last year I made him a Homemade detective kit. that went over big .  How do I give him a gift that might compare? I chose to make him a Red Box Gift Set! I thought it would be fun for Adam to […]

Santa Claus Ice Cream Sundae

One Day, I was rooting around Pinterest. and I saw This Totally amazing ice cream sundae kit! I decided I wanted to make one for our new neighbors, but with an extra special Christmas twist! So, I came up with a Santa Sundae kit! Since this is a Christmas theme, […]

Felt Christmas Cookies!

After I made my niece’s Felt food Pizza restaurant kit.  I have a  new  love of sewing felt food!  Since I am patiently anxiously waiting for my baby to arrive, I have found sewing a nice relaxing activity for when I feel like I need to sit down for a little […]

Play pizza restaurant in a box

WOW. It has been a LONG time since I have posted! My husband and I moved over labor day, and we have been spending time getting our new house around ( and getting ready for the baby, who will make his/her appearance sometime around Halloween) Well my darling niece Audrey […]

A Crafty Italian Cultural Lesson!

I know I have been a little Lazy at posting lately ( I’m not going to blame the pregnancy or the fact that I’m getting ready to move across Iowa) But then again I will 🙂 I am going to pull some crafts to share from my other ( older) […]

A Swiss Army Knife Safety activity!

Summer is a great time to get outside and learn about the outdoors. Back when I had my own Girl Scout Troop, I was always trying to find fun ways for my girls to learn about safety. I found this activity online, where you make your own “Mock” pocket knife, […]

Modge Podge Concentration game!

My Nephew Kyle is turning 1…and I wanted to make him a Homemade gift!  I do not see him  nearly enough, so I decided to make Kyle a ” Concentration game” using pictures of members of the family, so he will learn to remember us when we see him. First. […]

Homemade Detective Kit!

My Nephew is going to be 5, he is a very imaginative, creative boy. I thought I would make him an extra special birthday present.  I purchased a few items online and made this simple and easy detective kit for him!  It didn’t take too long to decorate this kit […]